Monday, April 16, 2012

Conversation with God: Update

I haven't posted about the progress on my roombox that is devoted to my grandma for a long time. When I started working on this project I wanted to be done with it before the 15th of April, before the day of the Orthodox Great Easter. My grandma was very religious and that's why this project is called "Conversation with God", but later about it.

Unfortunately, I haven't done too much, just collected some little things.

This crate in the middle of the room will be full of little tiny yellow chicks and covered with an old piece of cloth in a half. I remember how those little creatures woke me up each morning at 5-6 a.m. That was the way my grandma tried to save newborn chicks and ducklings from the cold.

I purchased this little cutie that I will turn into a night potty by painting it in metal (because this is what it was) and will place it under the bed. The reason is that at that time grandma didn't have a bathroom in the house and we all kept our own potties under our beds during the nights.

I also purchased some geranium flowers and put them in this tiny pot. I am planning to make more of them. My grandma had a lot of geranium in the house to protect the clothes and rugs and linen from the moth (yes, moth, not a Moth man, :)))) and red was her favorite color for the flowers. Originally the pots were natural brown, but I decided to add more color in the room. Who knows, I might change my decision later.

My grandma adored any kind of needlework and each evening she worked with the wool. She was мастерица на все руки. I found in my stash this wheel, planning to age it and put in the setting with other needlework items.

I finished grandma's bed with a beautifully weaved coverlet in blue tones, but I am planning to make different pillows and arrange them the way my grandma did. So, it is still in the process.

I prepared some laser cut pieces for the corner shelf, painted them but haven't put together yet.

I also purchased (because I would never paint it like this!) a tiny lacquer Russian box, 1" square (lucky me!) with a beautiful painting on the lead for candles. Grandma kept candles in the box on her table.

I found an icon of Jesus Christ that suits the scale and soon it will be maintained on the corner shelf. I need to start working on рушники - a type of Russian/Ukrainian towels that have been hanged around the icons.

Last year I stitched the cover for the trunk based on some designs of Russian needlework heritage, but decided not to use this trunk in the grandma's roombox because her trunk didn't have the stitched cover.

I actually have had a hard time to remember how it really looked like even though I spent a lot of time inside of it going through all her dresses, pictures, love letters (bad me...) and other keepsakes and treasures. What do you want? Being a girl of 10 what would you pay attention on first? Anyway, I decided to finish my trunk with decoupage imitating painting, and aged it.

I also made a matching bench.

In a word, my roombox still has a lot of work to be finished and it looks like this for now:

Thank you and have a great start for a new week!


SaMiRa73 said...

Hi Natalia! Progress might be slower than you wanted but you´ve collected and created wonderful things for your grandma´s room! And while reading your post some memories of my great-grandmother came up to my mind -Thanks for that!
Have a beautiful week! Sandra

Anna - Viola said...

Какое все красивое и изящное! прекрасные работы! БРАВО!!!!!!

Elga said...

I love all the detail that you are putting into this project of precious memories.

Margaret said...

What a lovely project I am sure your Grandma would be pleased. Your needlework is beautiful and I will enjoy seeing the finished room.

Cote said...

Felicidades, te está quedando una escena muy bonita y entrañable!!

Sans! said...

I like this room. It is simple but alive. :) I can meditate in this room.

Drora's minimundo said...

The room already looks great! So sweet of you to remember all these details. Yours must have been a very loving grandma.

BiWuBär said...

This is such a heartwarming project - all those memories that you're turning into 3D and miniature... Your roombox looks fantastic so far - and btw, your new trunk looks gorgeous!


ANDA said...

Kind memories ! Superb compilation, to feel the intimate grandparent house's warmth now already.

Sandy said...

Grandma memories are the BEST.. I love what you are creating for her. LOVELY...just LOVELY.
xoso Sandy

Ascension said...

Un precioso trabajo, tu abuela estaria orgullosa de tantas maravillas.
besitos ascension

Marta said...

Hello from Spain: congratulations on the room. I like many every detail: the religious images, sewing, trunk ... is all too real.Congratulations. Keep in Couch

Victoria said...

What a beautiful room! Brings back my childhood memories, my great grandma's house was very similar.


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