Thursday, October 14, 2010

Dollhouse Miniature Pole Screen "Victorian Rose" 1/12 scale

Today I got the message from Barb Lewis who purchased a dollhouse miniature Pole Screen "Victorian Rose". I am very happy that she was pleased with the Pole Screen. The pole screen was made by Renaud Prefontaine from Canada from a wood called "cocobolo". It is from the family of rosewoods and harvested along the Pacific coast of Mexico and South America. A very dense and figured wood that barely floats. There is no finish on the pieces since cocobolo has a natural oil and is easily polished to a high gloss. I stitched the screen on 49 count silk gauze. This is what Barb wrote to me:

"Dear Natalia,

The needlework arrived today.

I DO love it.

I love the color combination.
Is the blue background also stitched?
The stand is lovely. Very nicely done.
I see what you mean about the finish.
The wood is fabulous!

My hat is off to you for those tiny stitches!

Keep doing what you love!

Barb Lewis~"


Thank you very much!


Dwaallicht said...

Wat een mooie borduurwerken maak je Natalia! En wat leuk dat je mijn volger bent geworden. Natuurlijk ga ik jou ook volgen.
groeten van Nelleke

Sans! said...

This is really pretty!

cockerina said...

Hello Natalia, your blog is very interesting! I love your designs! they are very beautiful and accurate, so I do not embroider :(
thanks for being a follower of my blog!
Greetings from Italy!

Kim said...

It's gorgeous! I love the contrast of the colors ♥


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