Monday, December 16, 2013

Missing Real Size Needlework...

I've been starving for real size needlework recently, so I dived into a new project offered by Tricia Wilson Nguyen - "Tudor Rose" workshop - this course is a project to explore the use of composite gold and silk detached stitches. The design is small and comfortable to work with, I am familiar with some of gold stitches from Tricia's previous class Tudor and Stuart Gold Master class, so this adorable Tudor Rose is a nice and pleasant change. I've finished the stems using silk and Gold Metal thread and started working on the leaves.

I am not sure how I am going to use it when I finish my Tudor Rose but for now I am really enjoining the process.

Last Saturday we had our annual CdA Dollhouse miniatures club's Christmas party at Beverly's in beautiful CdA, Idaho. I was very happy to see all ladies who attended the party since I don't have a chance to attend club's meetings very often due to the long distance. We had a wonderful lunch, shared the news, ups and downs, and exchanged the Christmas gifts with our Secret Santas. Cheryl, gave me these beautiful chairs in blue that I love a lot.

I gave Cheryl (it appeared she was my Secret Santa as well) a framed petit point Bunny, weaved rug and a little book for her new room box for a little girl she is working on.

It was such a fun to meet with the friends, especially in Christmas time! Thank you Cheryl and the rest of the group for your Christmas gifts!

Have a great week!


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BiWuBär said...

What a lovely Christmas swap - you two gave away and received beautiful gifts. And you really made me ROFL - you missed real size stitching... forgive me, but I think that's funny for someone like you who is always stitching... ;O)


The grandmommy said...

It appears it doesn't matter what size you work in, your work is still superb!

maribel said...

Unas minis preciosas. Esos sillones son maravillosos.

Liduina said...

You received some lovely presents. And the ones you gave away yourself are gorgeous as well. I can't believe you are able to make such a tiny piece of needlework like the little rabbit, but you are; it'incredibly perfect! Have a nice Christmas.

Veronique Blommaart said...

Hi Natalia! So much to see on your blog, that will keep me busy over the Christmas holiday and is so much more inspiring than watching the 100st rerun of the good old Christmas movies :-)
Looking forward to 2014! Merry Christmas

Elizabeth S said...

Hi Natalia! What a lovely gift exchange for you and Cherly! I know the joys of being able to belong to a club, and I applaud the fact that you are still a member in good standing in spite of the great distance that you have to travel. Enjoy you gifts and Enjoy your Christmas!


PAKY said...

Very beautiful all, congratulations!! Merry Christmas!


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