Thursday, April 18, 2013


Wow, I can't even express how I missed all of you!
I've never been away from the Blogger Land for such a long period of time! I bet I missed a lot!

The reason is that we bought a house - it is a very exciting event for our family, but if you ever have been through that process you probably know what it takes: time, time, time, to be exact. We are still in the process of moving and settling down, but at least we have the internet now and the connection with the world.

I apologies to each of you who contacted me and haven't heard back in time. I am back and want to thank you for your comments and personal e-mails.

I would like to offer you my Spring 2013 Giveaway.

You need to sign up for it by leaving a comment on this post. The Spring 2013 Giveaway will be closed on the 22nd of April, 2013 and the Winner will be announced the same day.

While the signing up for this Giveaway is on, I will browse all your blogs and read all the exciting news!

I wish you Good Luck and have a great weekend!



Shelly Norris said...

Natalia, I have missed you! Good to "see" you! The giveaway is delightful. Good luck to everyone!


Ludmila said...

Какая замечательная новость! Поздравляю с новым домом!!! Это прекрасное приобретение. Мы с мужем давно мечтаем о своем доме, чтобы нашим деткам там было просторно и уютно. Желаю вам устроиться скорее, обжиться и сделать дом уютным.
Спасибо за шанс выиграть прекрасный подарок!

Xandra Dekker said...

Gefeliciteerd met je nieuwe huis. Verhuizen kost veel tijd en energie. Je give-away is een mooie scene. Succes met je huis op orde brengen.

Groeten Xandra

contar said...

que emocionante es comenzar en una casa nueva, espero que se adapten pronto y sean felices en ella.
un abrazo

Ana Correia said...

Would love to be a part of this wonderful giveaway, mini hugs!

Indy_Poppy said...

Please count me in your Spring giveaway. I'll put a link on my blog. IndyPoppy

Indy_Poppy said...

Please count me in your Spring giveaway. I'll put a link on my blog. IndyPoppy

Дарья Прус said...

Natalia! congratulations on your new home! That is a big achievement :)
Please count me in! Love your stitches! I'm certainly going to try and stich somethink someday but for now - you're the goddess in this sphere:)

Wyrna Christensen said...

Congratulations on your new house, it's so exciting when you are moving and going to decorate a new place. Good luck with that.
I would love to join your giveaway, so please count me in.


Hola Natalia!
Tus trabajos son maravillosos, yo compre uno hace tiempo en tu tienda eBay. Me gustaría participar en tu sorteo. Me hago seguidora tuya y subo el enlace a mi blog.


Toni from MostlyMinis on Etsy said...

Oh, Please add me to the Spring Giveaway!!! It's so pretty! My blog is

Toni from MostlyMinis on Etsy said...

Please enter me in the Spring giveaway! It's so pretty! My blog is

Thank you!

The Old Maid said...

Natalia, congrats on buying a house! May it be a lucky one for all of you.:)
Please count me in your give-away too.:)

mcddiss said...

me gustaria mucho participar en tu sorteo , lo anuncio en mi blog



Ria said...

Congratulations with your new home. Is takes lots of time to move, but it's good to hear from you! And what a lovely give away. it would be nice to win it!

Ria said...

contratulations with your new house. It sure takes a lot ot time to move from one house to the other. Good to see you back here!
What a lovely give away. That would be nice to win

Ilona said...

Hi Natalia, congratulations with your new house and good luck for moving house.
Your spring give away is awesome, I would love to participate, please count me in. I'll put the picture and link on my blog.
Hugs, Ilona

debbie's mini thoughts and creations said...

great to see you back, please enter me for the give a way

Fabiola said...

Welcome back, Natalia.
Please, count me in your beautiful giveaway. I put the link on my blog.
Bye, Faby

carmen said...

me apunto, con tu permiso y lo subo a mi blog. a la vez, te deseo lo mejor en tu nueva casa ....

FabShabbyRoses said...

Congratulations on the new house! I hope you feel settled soon! This is a beautiful give-away and I'd love to be included! thank you! Carolyn

Francesca said...

Wonderful giveaway!
Thanks Natalia.

Please count me in :-D

Have a nice day!

Drora's minimundo said...

Dear Natalia, Congratulations on your new house! These are exiting news.
I hope you have settled in. I know what a busy time this must have been.
Your giveaway is gorgeous. Please count me in. Your link will be on my blog.
Hugs, Drora

Isabel Ruiz Alonso said...

Si es cierto que cambiarse de casa requiere tiempo, pero es tan divertido y enmocionate como realizar miniaturas, pero a lo grande....

Ксаня said...

Поздравляю с покупкой дома!!!! Это здорово!!!! Я с удовольствием поучавствую в поддавках!!!!!!!

Dorien Litjes said...

Dear Natalia,
Good luck in your new home. Moving to a new house takes a lot of time and energy. My son just moved out of our house and we're reorganize his room. I didn't put something new on my blog because of that.
Count me in for the nice give away please.
Hugs Dorien

Ana said...

Felicidades por la nueva casa! Me encantaría participar en tu sorteo. Gracias, un abrazo Ana (mucuy)

Angela said...

Lovely giveaway. Thank you for the opportunity.

Natalia's Fine Needlework said... has left a new comment on your post "Dollhouse Miniature Hunting Scene Rug - Work in Pr...":

Your blog looks wonderful Natalia. I will spend some happy hours devouring it this weekend. Good luck with the unpacking and sorting out the new house. An exciting time for you.


Ascension said...

Hola Natalia
Casi me pierdo tu sorteo por culpa de mi ordenador....
Me encantaria participar, tus trabajos son siempre fantasticos y esa alfombra es preciosa igula que el cuadro, una maravillosa escena.
Subo el aviso a mi blog.
besitos ascension

maribel said...

Hola Natalia, me encantaría participar en tu sorteo ya que tus trabajos son una verdadera maravilla.

BiWuBär said...

This is exciting news - congrats on the new home! I'm glad your fine despite to the moving stress, I've already missed you. Thank you very much for spoiling us with this generous giveaway, please count me in.


Contrastes-Rosa Mª said...

Me encantará participar en tu fantástico sorteo, me figuro tu mudanza de casa, es muy agotador, que en tu nuevo hogar seas muy feliz, besos:)

Teruka said...

Congratulations with your new house.
Please count me in your giveaway.

Eva said...

Me gustaria participar en tu sorteo, es un regalo precioso. Lo publico en mi blog.
Yo también estoy celebrando un sorteo, si te gusta el regalo y quieres participar estaré encantada.
Disfrutas mucho de tu nuevo hogar.
Un saludo, Eva

Hannah said...

Please count me in =) there are several cute things here I'd like to win =) I added a link to my blog.
And congrats to the house!! Hannah

Pilar said...

Enhorabuena por tu nueva casa,deseo que la disfrutes muchos muchos años,me apunto a tu sorteo,besitos

Melli´s Hobby said...

Welcome back!! Hope you like your new house and moving stess will be soon over!
Please count me in your fantastic giveaway.
I´ll place a link on my sidebar.

malu2 said...

Felicidades por tu nueva casa! te deseo que seas muy feliz en ella!!
Me gustaría participar en tu sorteo! te publico en mi blog.
Besos de las Malu´s.

NarinaNäpertää said...

Ooh... How lovely! - I would so much love to win this!! (**)

And off course I'd LOVE to enter- so I hope you'll count me in..

Glad your back... sure have missed you.

MiniHugs, Irina

Chris P's Minis and More said...

Oh so CUTE!!! please count me in!!!

Keelin said...

Very beautiful, I would love to participate in your giveaway! I have published it on my blog, too! Thanks for the opportunity!

shaairah said...

Congratulations on your new house!

I love your giveaway, please count me in - I put a link on my blog :)


Mary Ellen said...

Congratulations on your new home! The giveaway is beautiful.

Mary Ellen said...

Congratulations on your new home!
The giveaway is beautiful.

Sans! said...

So happy for you that you will be moving to a new home! It is exciting but also tiring so bravo! for taking the time out to organise this, Natalia!


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