Friday, January 2, 2015

Introducing My New Blogs...

Happy New Year, world! Big thanks to all who send warm congratulations and wishes for the New 2015 year!

I've been waiting for the new 2015 year to come as never. After a long silence caused by some health problems I am back with more energy and new plans.

This year I would like to concentrate more on some other passions of mine that are not related to miniature world. One of them is my growing interest in different types of Needlework Art and another, hiking. This being said, I opened 2 more blogs that will help me in separating and organizing my interests. I will still contribute some time to this blog, because my love to needlework in miniature is unconditional, and I still have many stories to tell, and many projects to finish.

My first blog is devoted to real size needlework and is called THREAD OBSESSION, I was so good last year that Santa treated me with a nice stash of new threads I am eager to try.

My second blog is devoted to hiking and is called OUR TRAIL TO COMPLETION,
My husband and I just discovered a book "America's Great Hiking Trails" by Karen Berger that describes 11 America's best hiking trails and gave us a start to a new big dream - to complete a hike that takes more than one day, or 3 days, or 7, or even 4 months...

The longest, North Country Trail, is approximately 4,600 miles. The longest hike that we accomplished was only 20 miles. However, it is on our bucket list!




Isabel Ruiz Alonso said...

Unas aficiones muy variadas, pero eso es lo mejor par disfrutar y cambiar de tema de cuando en cuando.
Feliz año 2015

carmen said...

feliz año nuevo!

Idske de Jong said...

You can say that again, think big! From 20 to 4600 that is really really big!

Great to have 2 more blogs to follow. I think there are many others who don't just concentrate on miniatures and I'd love to follow your other blogs!

BiWuBär said...

So this is how your personal Santa looks like... why am I not surprised? *teehee* Looks like there's a lot going on, new interests and BIG plans... well, you have a full new year to give it a go... and if that shouldn't be enough - just take 2016 and 2017... ;O)


Elizabeth S said...

Hi Natalia! I am so happy to hear that you are not only on the mend but raring to go as well! That is Excellent new and your ambitions to get active in hiking is a good idea too! It will be a great activity for both you and your hubby as everybody needs a break from routine, every now and then. All the best with your new blogs but Please,.. don't stop stitching! :D


miniaturista said...

Que esos otros hobbys te llenen tu vida y disfrutes tanto como con las minis.
Tu blog me ha hecho pasar grandes ratos y te agradezco por ello.
Me alegra tu recuperación de salud y te deseo a ti y los tuyos un feliz año Nuevo.
Un abrazo


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