Sunday, January 17, 2016

Miniature Quilts

Recently I finished a miniature quilt that I called "Red Barn - My little American Dream". A real red barn inspired me to make this quilt. I used to drive a country road where I saw that barn first time. It was for sale for more than a year, and I regret I never took a picture of it, because one day it was finally sold. The new owners turned that little charming red barn into an ugly brown rectangular house with small square windows. It is so interesting how we all look at the same things differently...

Anyway, I continue to make little miniature Christmas quilts and finished these 2 quilt tops with a Christmas tree.

My Santa is definitely love it!

Have a wonderful weekend,


miniaturista said...

Te han quedado muy bonitos y Granero Rojo,es muy alegre y original.
Un abrazo

Wyrna Christensen said...

It Is very original. Very good luck.
I hope you're comfortable Natalie, I can see that make a lot of miniature. I also hope that you still enjoy staying "at the countryside"

BiWuBär said...

How could Santa not love these beautiful quilts... but my favourite it the one with the red barn. It's not only looking fabulous but it's impressive that you've made it following an impression from reality.


contar said...

muy bonito y alegre
un abrazo


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