Saturday, February 5, 2011


Last 5 days I have been working on my CHINESE NINGHSIA RUG. I want to remind that the design is based on a Real Size Antique Chinese Ningshia (there are different ways to spell this word) rug dated late 19th century, that I found on e-bay. I didn't buy the rug, the price was toooo high for me - $$8,000.00 but I charted and adopted it for 1:12 scale while the rug was listed for an auction. I started stitching it last September and today I finally put a last stitch on background. If you think I am done with it you are wrong. Now it is time to start a swastika (Chinese fret) border-killer around the rug. I have made so far 48,750 stitches. The actual size of this rug will be 5" x 7.5" ". Stitched on 49 count silk gauze with Gutterman silk, only 3 colors.

If you are looking for a design of a Chinese rug to stitch, I will advise you to find "Making Miniature Chinese Rugs and Carpets" by Carol Phillipson.

There are 24 designs of Chinese rugs in the book. All of them were designed to stitch on 22 count canvas. For example, this Silk Dragon Carpet. The design illustrates dragons chasing a pearl among the clouds. The border depicts waves, calm water and mountains.


BiWuBär said...

Isn't it amazing that there are people who have enough money to spend such an amount for a rug... or a picture or whatever... but your miniature translation is very clever and beautiful.


Sans! said...

I love your rug. Your ability to see big patterns in small scale for stitching astounds me :).

I must try and get hold of this book. Do you think it is ok to stitch a pattern meant for #22 on a #49 carpet?


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