Sunday, February 6, 2011


Susan asked: "Do you think it is ok to stitch a pattern meant for #22 on a #49 carpet?"
There is a formula that allows you to count the size of a complete project if you wish to chose different count of fabric to stitch. For example, another pattern from "Making Miniature Chinese Rugs and Carpets" by Carol Phillipson.
Dragon Pillar Rug
Stitch count 103 x 165 stitches and it calls for 22 count canvas
In order to figure out if you can stitch this rug on 40 or 49 count (or any other counts) you need divide 103/40(count) and 165/40 (count). It gives us:
103/40 x 165/40 = 2.6" x 4.1" - the size of a completed rug if you stitch it on 40 count.
So, my answer will be: yes, you can stitch on 40 count (I am not sure about 49) if you need that size of a rug.
I found this book available on

and from $6.00 to $10.00

Good Luck, Susan!

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Sans! said...

You are such a sweetheart! Thank you!!! Such an easy way to calculate! So it is just a matter of the size rug you eventually want?

I am going to be irritating and ask you : what about the other way around? hehe, just pulling your leg. It is still the same way you calculate .

The book is inexpensive. I will go and buy it on Amazon! :) Thank you for the wonderful response!


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