Friday, October 5, 2012


If you didn't know yet, there is a website WWW.SMARTFLIX.COM. This website, just like, for instance, contains a huge number of DVD's available for you. The difference is that all DVD's on are educational. It depends on what you want to learn, wood turning or weaving, knife making or sculpturing, etc... The website contains more than 6,771 how-to-DVD's. If you are interested in Dollhouse miniatures, guess what, they have it too. Start with the Home page. On the left-hand side bar you can see Titles. Go to ARTS and CRAFTS

A new page will be opened and you will see ARTS and CRAFTS SUBCATEGORIES. Find DOLLS AND MINIATURES,

and voila! you are in the miniatures' world and can chose whatever subject you are interested in.

I am not sure about the International shipping, check it up, please.

Now PROS and CONS:

No doubts, it is a great place where you can find a DVD of your interest and learn new skills. To rent 1 DVD costs you $9.99 unless it is a set of 2-3 DVDs (from $16.99 to $19.99). They sent you your DVD and you can keep it for 10 days (for $9.99). Of course, you can keep as long as you want but for each additional week you have to pay additional $4.99.

My advice: don't rent too many DVDs at one time. The reason is, as I've said already, the rented DVD is sent to you to enjoy for 10 days. If you live, like me, on the West of the country, the DVD will arrive in 2-3 days. It will take the same 2-3 days to ship it back, it means that you have only 4-6 days to watch and use this DVD. In my opinion, it is not too much time, at least for me.

There is another option, you can sign up for what is called "SmartFlix University" in a specific category, for example, Polymer Clay. In this case each month they will ship you 3 DVDs in Polymer Clay and you can keep them for a month. When you are done with these 3 DVDs, you can send them back, but new 3 DVDs you will get only next month. All this pleasure is for monthly payment of $19.99.

The University is comfortable to use only when you are interested in the whole subject, like, for instance, I picked up Sculpting. I am also interested in Scroll Sawing but I am not going to sign up for the whole Wood Working University just because I don't need the rest of the information they offer. Makes sense, true?

I hope you liked this information. If you've heard about this site and rented the DVDs before, I would like to hear your opinion and thoughts of your experience.

Have fun,



Ilona said...

Hi Natalia, thanks for sharing this link! It is great!
Hugs, Ilona

mcddiss said...

la verdad es que no habia oido hablara de algo asi y me parece interesante , gracias por la informacion



Marta said...

Hello from Spain: wow, wow ... Thanks for reporting and sharing. I did not know this page. It is very interesting to see thumbnails .. Keep in touch


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