Friday, November 15, 2013

Castle - Work in Progress - Day 4 and 5

I almost started crying when I saw the non-working resin doors that were in the kit for the castle.

This is one of the "pros" and "cons" of a workshop: you don't know what to expect, but you always have expectations for the best, almost like gambling... I didn't like those doors and wanted them to be made of wood.

I took a piece of wood that was supposed to be a second floor

and cut 3 doors out of it:

The doors will remain non-working and they are not finished yet. I am working on the hinges and the door handles. Why I decided to leave the doors non-working? I really don't know who's castle it is and who lives there. I think I will go with an idea of an abandoned poor thing...

I finished applying the paper clay on the inside walls, I have to correct some spots, and paint the walls, ...and since the second floor piece has been used for the other purpose I have to make another one.

For now my abandoned castle looks like this

As Rick Pierce keeps saying: "The most important part is if YOU like it..." I like it and I like working on it!

Talk to you soon!


The grandmommy said...

Your work is an extension of your self so it will always come together well if you listen to yourself. Your castle is proof of that!

12Create said...

I just love your castle kit. It is going to look fabulous. The doors in the kit had a nice aged look but I agree real wood looks best.

Isabel Ruiz Alonso said...

Te has buscado un trabajo extra, pero efectivamente los mejor es estar satisfecha con lo que haces.

Elizabeth S said...

Hi Natalia! My question is why anyone would wish to abandon a castle that looks as wonderful as this is looking? Perhaps they just stepped out, instead! :D


Drora's minimundo said...

The resin doors were a nasty surprise, but with your wonderful talented hands you managed to overcome the problem. The floor is stunning!
Hugs, Drora

Natalia's Fine Needlework said...

Elizabeth, I also ask myself this question when I see real abandoned castles still in a great condition. probably, a dragon ate the owners, :)))

BiWuBär said...

Maybe you should add a dragon to give an explanation why this beautiful castel is abandoned... ;O) It looks fantastic, I love watching what you do and making the doors out of wood was a very good choice. Leave the others for the day when you feel the need to make a dungeon... *grin*



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