Thursday, January 10, 2013

What a Surprise! and Talking About UFO's

Do you remember this rug?

I started working on it last summer? fall? See, I almost forgot about it!

Then my sweetheart and I went for the business trip and I forgot the rug at the hotel.
Somebody left an advice in the comment to contact the hotel and ask them to ship it to my address. I did and have never heard back from them.

Oh what a surprise! I've got the rug today in my mailbox!

I guess this is my UFO I have to finish in January!

Have a creative Thursday!


Xandra Dekker said...

Great that you've gotten back the beautiful embroidery.



mcddiss said...

que suerte que hayas recuperado la alfombra, ahora tendras que terminarla



Jane Smith said...

That was a nice surprise I bet,

Its going to looks wonderful !

BiWuBär said...

That's what I'd call a case of good luck... of course the home-returned rug deserves a V.i.P.-treatment now, being finished next!


maribel said...

Que bien que la hayas recuperado, porque es una maravilla, ahora toca terminarla.


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