Sunday, March 2, 2014

Pearsall's Silk Floss - Experiment # 2 - Future Dollhouse Miniature Needlepoint Frame

Before to jump experimenting on 49 count silk gauze with new Pearsall's silk floss I received last week, I decided to make another sample on 40 count. This time I used DMC cotton floss for the whole design (petals and the leaves of Pansies) and the Pearsall's silk floss for the background.

Now, let's see what the use of different threads let's do to the same design. Actually, instead of stems (that you can see on the first stitched sample) I added another leaf on the second sample.

First of all, I like the choice of DMC colors better. Don't you agree?

As you remember, in my last post I said that the Pearsall's silk floss is thicker than the DMC cotton floss. You can see it on this picture better:

However, the choice of DMC colors make the whole flower to pop up out of the whole picture.

The use of short and long stitches of 2 colors of Pearsall's silk floss (Old Gold and Golden Brown) gives a nice texture and emphasizes the colors of the Pansies.

Now I will spam you with the rest of the pictures, lol. Enjoy it.

The rows of the stitches on the flower remind me the tulip fields!

Hooray! Spring is coming!

By the way, this is the insert for the future dollhouse miniature needlepoint/tapestry frame.

Now, next experiment with the Pearsall's silk will be on 49 count silk gauze.



Isabel Ruiz Alonso said...

¡Qué bonito! Ese contraste de colores y de grosor de hilos queda precioso

Diane said...

I just love all your needlepoint! I haven't done any in a long time but I am now inspired!

12Create said...

Beautiful. I look forward to seeing it on an embroidery frame. I don't know how you can manage 49 count. I look forward to seeing it.

maribel said...

Son unos bordados preciosos, como todos tus trabajos.

Ilona said...

I like the DMC colors more, Natalia!
The idea of pansies in a field with tulips........makes me happy :D!
I still haven't work at miniatures and the stitching has to wait, because I was ill (see my blog) and there also are other commissions waiting. But whenever I can, I'll do an attempt. Moreover I think that I still have to learn a lot about embroidery in miniature!
Thanks for sharing these pictures with you gorgeous work and the explanation of materials you use.
Hugs, Ilona

anisnofla said...

Me encanta como queda.

Wyrna Christensen said...

Oh where are they beautiful, I love the purple colors, they are so beautiful together.

BiWuBär said...

No doubt I like this new one more - the light yellow background highlights the flowers and I agree with you, the colours of the pansies look better and the effect of the 3D-flowers is great. But what impressed me the most is this lovely effect you achieved with the long stitches, this is beautiful. So, deep bow to Mrs. Turbo-needle! ;O)


Susan Korman said...

Hi Natalia,

I know I am in the minority but I like the first one better. The pink with blue background is really lovely! I do like them both of course. Your needlework is exquisite always.



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