Saturday, March 8, 2014

Pearsall's Silk - Experiment # 3 - Future Dollhouse Miniature Footstool Seat Cover

I am not giving up on figuring out the ways to use the Pearsall's silk I purchased last month. This time I moved on 49 count silk gauze. Since, as I've said before, this silk is thicker than DMC cotton floss, and 49 count of silk gauze is last count you can actually use DMC floss on, there was no sense to try the Pearsall's silk with tent stitch on 49 count.

Bargello! Sweet Bargello! Lovely Bargello!

I just love the way the silk covers the surface of silk gauze...

I have one more design to try for Bargello on 49 count silk gauze, so stay tuned!

Happy Sunday to all of you!



Wyrna Christensen said...

It's very beautiful. I do not understand how something so beautiful and so very nice can be sew by hand.

Isabel Ruiz Alonso said...

Un dibujo `precioso.

12Create said...

Oh I just adore the bargello work. It is not something I have tried before but it does not look that complicated when you see your steps. Maybe it is something I will try.

Susan Korman said...

Hi Natalia,

Beautiful, just beautiful and will make a gorgeous seat or footstool!


Ilona said...

Dear Natalia, you are just like a famous painter: painting with your silk a beautiful painting on the silk gauze, it is beautiful work!
Personally I had never heard of Bargello, but it seems to me special and wonderful work.
It is good to know that the 49 count silk gauze is the last count that can be used for the DMC floss. Again something I didn't know ;)!
I wish you a lovely Sunday and week on top!
Hugs, Ilona

BiWuBär said...

Good you tried - it looks great... like an upholstery fabric.


contar said...

el diseño es muy bonito creo que le esta encontrando el buen uso a esa seda
un abrazo

ANDA said...

Very special! I wonder you do not bother with such a small sample size! It's beautiful!

Elisabelle miniatures said...

Très joli travail!

Hannah said...

It looks wonderful! Hannah

Cinderella Moments said...

That is so nice! I can't wait to see use it on the footstool so I can see the scale of the stitches.


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