Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Punchneedle Rug

I don't give up and keep trying to find the comfortable zone for myself to make a punchneedle rug in scale.

I had this pattern Springtime Bunny (I am sorry, I can't recall the name of a designer right now) in my stash for a while and decided to practice on it.

This is how much I made today:

back side

front side

I am planning to finish it tomorrow.

Have a great day,


Lisa T said...

So adorable!

BiWuBär said...

Even with punching you're using a turbo needle... and what I always admire in your work: The back is as neat as the front! A lovely design.


Natalia's Fine Needlework said...

Lisa, thank you very much!

Natalia's Fine Needlework said...

Birgit, you spoil me! "grin"

Fabiola said...


Ilona said...

Hi Natalia! I have never tried the technique of punchneedle, but it seems to me a lovely way to make rugs, so fluffy. Your rug is great so far, I love that adorable bunny!
Hugs, Ilona

Isabel Ruiz Alonso said...

Queda precioso.

maribel said...

Se ve un trabajo muy bonito.


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