Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Dollhouse Quarter Scale Petit Point Firescreen

Little Teaser today for you...

A year ago I was certain I will never work in smaller than 1/12th scale. Now I am leaning more towards at least to try it. Many interesting kits in a half and quarter scale came on the market recently. It comes to the furniture and dollhouses as well.

I've never thought I would ever try to petit point for a quarter scale, but inquired recently this delicate laser cut firescreen in a quarter scale from Suzane Herget and decided to give it a try on... 112 count silk gauze. The diameter of the screen is only 0,5 cm or 6/32".

I was so intrigued to start working on it and designed a little flower chart that measures only 12 x 13 stitches but on 112 count silk gauze, and honestly to say, I have never worked on this count before. As you can see, I've started petit pointing mini flower already. I do it free hand without a hoop that let me save a piece of silk gauze. I do use superfine silk made in UK and a beading super thin and long needle.

It won't be long till I finish working on it because I am impatient to see how it looks like in a quarter scale.

Happy Wednesday everyone!



Steinworks said...

me too I cant wait to see how it turns out it's soooo tiny

Marisa :)

Lisa T said...

This looks challenging ;-) I can't wait to see your results, Natalia, as I am sure it will be wonderful!
Have a great day,

BiWuBär said...

You are unbelivable... I can't believe how tiny the screen frame is... and how tiny the stitches must be on that gauze. I'm very curious to see it finished, well, I don't think Mrs. Turbo-Needle will let me wait very long... ;O)


12Create said...

Firstly, I am amazed I eventually got to read your blog post as when I logged in to your blog I was distracted at all the beautiful work in your header photo. I stopped and studied the items for some time wishing I could do beautiful work like that. As for the scale you are working in now, my eyes hurt even thinking about it. I can't wait to see the finished screen. I am sure it will be gorgeous.


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