Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Welcome to July!

June was very interesting month full of happiness, emotions, new impressions, tears, stress, but at the end of the day - still great! Life is wonderful!

I had my birthday this month and it happened to be my husband and I celebrate our years of happy marriage at the same day. One of the gifts I received was these gorgeous bouquet of 108 roses. Why 108? Oh, it is our little romantic love story.

We travelled to Las Vegas and saw some wonderful shows. One of them was show by David Copperfield. Unfortunately, it was not allowed to take pictures during any shows, but I have one picture of David Copperfield that he e-mails to everyone who visits his shows and who has a cell phone (magic in one word...)

I love to take pictures and took a lot of pictures of the city itself. The city is beautiful, however I was surprised to know that the most of people who live there and work for all entertainment industry, don't like neither Las Vegas, nor us, tourists, and I could saw why..., but I loved the shows...

My dear sweetheart was hospitalised to the hospital that month and had another surgery. He is at home now for recovery!

While spending time at the hospital and waiting when my husband will wake up after the sedative medications he received, I managed to work on some little flower. It helped to fight stress. Now it is time to finish it.

Welcome to July!


Isabel Ruiz Alonso said...

Has hecho un bonito viaje, has tenido una estupenda celebración y seguro que tu marido no tardará en recuperarse. Espero que paséis un alegre julio.

Catherine said...

A belated.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY Natalia. :-)

BiWuBär said...

Belated but happy Birthday wishes to you - and what a lovely way to celebrate your wedding anniversary. Hope your husband recovered fast and well from his surgery. Have a happy July - with plenty of time to finish that lovely stitching!



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