Wednesday, March 30, 2011


I have a very amazing friend who is a talented miniatures artist at the same time. Her name is Elga and she lives in South Africa. If you haven't visited her blog yet , hurry up! She works on Victorian Queen Anne chairs and posts the tutorial.

Last fall I sent her 3 pictures of some pieces of real size furniture I would loved to have in miniature and upholstered them with my stitchery. Elga agreed to make them for me. Today was my lucky day when I got a package from Elga and was very happy with the result she achieved by duplicating the furniture in 1:12 scale.

When I opened the box there was a nice card from Elga.

I want to remind you that I sent her the images and she worked from the scratch.
First piece is a little square footstool. Here is a picture of a real size footstool I found in the magazine:
and here is what Elga made:

Here is another piece of a real size night table where you can see only the top of it
and here is what Elga made:

Isn't it a beautiful piece with an opening draw and those long straight legs? She added a shelf at the bottom.

This is a picture of a last project - real size fires screen

and this is what Elga ended up with. Oh, this is my favorite piece! I just love it. It can be used as a fire screen

or as a tilt-top table

Isn't it fabulous?

...but it is not all. She also put some teeny gifts for me and Nataly's dollhouse.
These are little beaded purses that Elga made

This is a tiny candle box made and painted by Elga:

Oh, my heart is melting when I see these pot holders. Very intricate, very detailed, and very accurate:

and some dishes for Nataly's dolls:

Elga, thank you very much! You have made my day today!
Now I have more projects to complete.


rosanna said...

Wow, everything fabulous. Elga is truly talented. Havefun, Rosanna

Lataina said...

Wow, what amazing gifts! The beaded bags and potholders are just precious! =)

Sans! said...

I am already Elga's follower and saw her post on these. Now I see the real life version and am even more impressed!


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