Monday, April 11, 2011


Oh, well, I have finally got the Chinese silk thread that I ordered from China and was fully frustrated because I haven't got the thread I expected and only wasted time on this project. This is another reason I don't like to purchase thread on-line, sometimes the pictures, even the description can be deceiving.
For this design I needed Gold and Silver silk thread and since I have got different silk thread I changed the colors. Here is what I came up with, still in the process on 60 count silk gauze with Chinese Silk thread, Hungarian Stitch + other decorative stitches.

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Victoria said...

Wow! I love how the silk looks. Я нашла одно место в Москве, где можно купить китайский шелк, там 800 оттенков и вот пока думаю, что лучше заказать.


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