Saturday, May 28, 2011


For today I completed 3/4 of the background on my Konya rug. I will post a picture only of the finished project.

While stitching the boring background I have been thinking about one of my favorite Russian movies that was maid in 1969 and I liked to watch it as a kid, "Варвара-краса, длинная коса" that I will translate as "Varvara the Beautiful, Long Braid". Varvara is a girl's name. The film tells about how Andrey (the fisherman's son) and Varvara (the daughter of underwater tsar) met and fell in love with each other inspite of all possible insidiousness and intrigues.

Varvara was a magic weaver and she made (weaved, stitched...) her rugs with the help of her beautiful big eyes. Here is the link to this movie. The movie is in Russian but with English subtitles (you actually can select the language of subtitles).

If you start watching at 27:22 you will find out that Varvara's dad (underwater tsar-monster) sent his servants to the headshoppers and the servants ran to Varvara to ask for the help. Varvara - sweetheart - helped them and magically "weaved" a beautiful rug in seconds!

I wish I would have such talent: to stitch with my eyes and in no time!

What do you think? Isn't it magic?

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