Tuesday, May 17, 2011

McConnell Mansion, Moscow, Idaho

I wonder, where do you find the inspiration when you feel like you don't want to do anything, when actually you don't want to be alone but at the same time can't tolerate any noise, when it has been raining cats and dogs outside for several weeks in a row?
As for me, I usually go through my books, magazines, etc... Last Monday, a week ago, I spent couple of hours cleaning the bookshelves and found the book "America's Great Houses" that I bought last year. This book reminded me that I have a new hobby: visiting old mansions. At this point I have seen only one mansion so far - the Campbell House in Spokane, WA. I told my Sweetheart: "Today kids go to the school and we go to Idaho".
It was a road trip that took us an hour and half to arrive to the McConnell Mansion in Moscow, ID - an eclectic mix of Eastlake, Victorian, Gothic, and Queen Anne styles, this 2-story clapboard residence was the most impressive residence in town when it was built in 1886.
The owner of the mansion, William J. McConnell, was an energetic pioneer.
The interior retains the original cedar louvered shutters:
and hall stair bannister that were shipped from San Francisco by steamboat and wagon
as well as a few of the McConnell original furnishings, including a Victorian majolica vase in the formal parlor:
Period furnishings, as well as pieces from subsequent owners, fill the rest of the house:
This is my favorite piece:
I learned something new after visiting the McConnell Mansion. Have you ever heard about wreaths made from human hair? I haven't. This is the picture that depicts the wreath made from the human hair in 1900-1902

Is anyone dare to reproduce it in miniature using "doll's hair" like viscose, lama fur? Interesting idea, do you agree?


Robin said...

Thank you - what a treat!!!

Janice said...

What a wonderful house to live in!
Minus the vintage plumbing and heating of course.
Thank you for sharing.

Sans! said...

I love posts like this :). My favourite has got to be the kitchen utensils :)


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