Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Kike's Dioramas

Today I want to present you a talented artist who builds dioramas for figurines - Kike from Spain and his blog

If you take a closer look at his dioramas you will feel power, energy and movement. Some of the dioramas give the impression that the action has just happened.

The scene of Hundred Years' War

Look at this lady! I am turning purple with envy looking at her muscles!

This one has the name Healing Light:

Rest of German soldiers:

I personally was impressed to see the scene of the battle of Borodino in 1812 during the Russian campaign of Napoleón. Not many people are wear of these historic event. So, Kike, thank you for bringing the history back!

Go to Kike's blog www.miniaturasydioramas-kike.blogspot.com! You will get fun and pleasure by browsing it! Don't forget to become his follower!

Have a great day!


P.S.: The pictures are courtesy of Kike, www.miniaturasydioramas-kike.blogspot.com.


Unknown said...

Hello from Spain: thank you for showing other collectors and creators of thumbnails. I'll stop by this new page. Keep in touch

BiWuBär said...

Stunning work and very interesting - thanks for showing. And looking at that Borodino-piece I had Tschaikowsky's 1812-ouverture in mind... ;O)


Sans! said...

I love dioramas and admire the artists :).Love finding tips at their websites :).

Sometimes, I wonder if I love making dioramas more than dollhouses :)


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