Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Fall Giveaway 2011 - Rosell's Pictures

If you remember in 2011 I had the Fall Giveaway 2011. If you don't remember you can read it here

The prize was a set of beautiful dollhouse miniature bedroom furniture

The Winner of that giveaway was Rosell and here is her blog

I am sorry, but for some reasons the Blogger settings don't allow me to put the links that you can just click on them and open. To open links I offer you, please, highlight them and click the right button of your mouse. There will be some options, chose "Go to the link .....". Go to the link. Thank you!

Rosell has been constructing her dollhouse from the scratch and she added more details to it, pictures, plates,dolls, etc... There are tons of images to look at. Very beautiful and very detailed!

Rosell sent me some pictures of the bedroom set that she won and placed in her dollhouse, here is one of them

Thank you, Rosell! It makes me happy to know you enjoy your bedroom set!


P.S.: As you can see, finally the Blogger's God heard me complaining about the pictures' location and now I can set them in the center. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I wish now I would be able to upload the links in more comfortable way for you to open them. I also wish I could fly... but it is a different story...


BiWuBär said...

You're so funny... but who knows - if you're waiting long enough Blogger will make this happen, too... *grin* Thank you for sharing this, Roselle created a lovely room with your gorgeous furniture.


Ruth said...

What a great giveaway! It's lovely and so rewarding to see what others have done with something you've given them, isn't it?
I'm planning (Fingers crossed) to have a giveaway on my blog in October after our city's mini show and sale.
As for Blogger Gods, boy do we need one :P

The grandmommy said...

What a lovely room! I love it! Blogger will get it together. And, don't give up on that flying thing. LOL

Fabiola said...

This room is wonderful and very elegant.
Greetings, Faby

maribel said...

Es una habitación fantástica, con unos muebles preciosos.

cockerina said...

very nice furniture and very beautiful their new location, Rosell lucky!
is a long time since I have not heard from you, how it goes, everything OK?
did you get my Christmas card? you liked the mini book on embroidery, which I sent to you, as a gift???
if you learn to fly tell me how you do it, please, so I come to visit your home! hahaha!
a kiss and happy Sunday!

Sans! said...

heh heh heh!

Your furniture makes any roomlook elegant but Rosell puts just the perfect touches to do them justice.


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