Monday, June 3, 2013

Edwardian Lady - Vanessa's Roombox

Sometimes life brings unexpected gifts. In my case, there are so many of them that, one would think, I would have built already a protective shield against them, but how you know?

Two nights before my flight to the Sturbridge Miniature Festival, my daughter had a severe fever following by a barking cough. I made a decision not to go and stay with her. We visited a doctor's office, but I am not going to take you to that level of frustration, you know, everything is the same: Take Tylonol, Allergy, etc... Today she is great, no fever, no cough, she is back to the school, happy and smiling. Makes me think if it was the reaction of her body on the fact I had to leave, lol...

I didn't have a chance to attend the Painting class by Josephine Meyer (, but hope I will be able to do it at the Good Sam show this coming Fall, where she is giving another class. No more surprises, Nataly!

Last Sunday I finally came up with a final decision on the curtains for the Vanessa's roombox. Following the advice of Margaret (, I picked up something that "won't compete with the rug for attention, something to match the wallpaper". I have a very beautiful antique Bobbin Lace in some Ivory Sandy Creamy color,

and made curtains from it:

Vanessa approved my choice:

Then she looked out of the window trying to see what makes the noise she heard, but it was too dark outside, she couldn't see anything. I didn't tell her, but she forgot to put her glasses on...

Later on, Vanessa had another dilemma to deal with: what desk to chose for this room. It gave her a headache.

This desk seems to be too big and it is not a writing desk

This desk seems to fit the room and atmosphere, true? Let's call it a day.

We hanged the Tiffany Lamp back, put a plant stand with a plant on it in the corner, desk to the wall and carpet on the floor, and I send Vanessa to sleep, it was too late...

By the way, Blogger keeps making me upset because I can't place the images in the center of the page any more as I used to before.

See you tomorrow!



Wyrna Christensen said...

Very beautiful room and a really good idea with the crocheted curtains. I would not even have thought of crocheted curtains but they are so beautiful. I am so inspired.

BiWuBär said...

What a pity you had to cancel the fair and that class - but of course your daughter's health was much more important than any show... good to hear she's feeling better. Must have been a good portion of that good ol' hug from Mommy... ;O) - The lace is perfect for the window, great choice. And the roombox looks so lovely with the furniture. Once Vanessa found her glasses she will be very happy!


Isabel Ruiz Alonso said...

Muy bonito. La cortina es preciosa.

maribel said...

Te esta quedando todo magnífica. La lámpara me encanta.

mcddiss said...

creo que queda muy bien esa cortina
me alegro mucho de que tu hija este ya recuperada



Fabiola said...

This scene is wonderful. I like the curtains.
Greetings, Faby


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