Thursday, June 6, 2013

A couple of updates on my current projects...

I prepared working today on a doll Annaliese based on Dana Barton's pattern. Here is a picture of an original doll with a doll I am going to dress.

Even though the original Annaliese is gorgeous, I want to give her a little bit different look.

While I've been thinking what exactly I would like to change, Vanessa brought that old chair and a revolving stand inside her room. I, personally, don't like the chair and thinking switch it on something more elegant later, or just change the seat cover at least. I didn't like where she put the revolving stand either. So, it will take time when we agree on something and will show more details.

I am working on Spring Fling 2013 project each day adding small details. Today I finished the second interior wall (there are total of 4 walls) on the first level! OOps, did I tell too much? Is it a cat in a box?

And last but not least, today I spent about 6 hours working on scroll saw. It won't be a miniature piece, it will be a candle holder in real size. One piece more left to be cut, the one that you see on the blue background. I need to practice my scroll sawing skills more since I am planning to use them working on my Charming cottage from HBS 2013 contest. Hint! Hint!

Now you know hat I am working on this week.

What about you?



Unknown said...

gorgeous doll!

I like the cat in box idea, there are so many possibilities ;P

I have the spring fling kit, sitting on my stay no doubt ;)

BiWuBär said...

You're really busy and hopping from project to project... and I bet you have loads of fun.


TMoreno Rose said...

You have got so many projects!
I would like to thank by the giveaway in 2011, when I was the winner. You can visit to watch the unfinished bedroom in my blog.

My blog is:

Unknown said...

New to your blog. Your needlework is exquisite! I am green over your talent.
Best Wishes,

Sans! said...

Until yesterday, I haven't been working much at all on my minis.

Vanessa's room is cosy albeit a little small. My abandoned house has no walls and I am not sure if I know how to work with them anymore...:).

I hope you share with us your life size projects as well, Natalia. I will always be interested.


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