Monday, June 10, 2013

Outside of Miniature Life

Last weekend was such fun!

My sweetheart and I finally had time to try hiking trails on the Mountain Spokane. This guide is rated difficult simply because of its elevation variation and total distance of 13.3 miles, elevation is about 6,000 feet.

We were absolutely ready, wore proper shoes, had additional bottles of water. The weather was absolutely suitable for hiking, not too hot. There are a lot of trails there, nice trails, some streams to cross.

Doesn't that formation remind you some sort of SY-FY fantastic creature, bug, getting out of the ground to drink some water? It does to me, lol....

Now look here,

After 3 hours of constant climbing up the hill we finally reached the point on the mountain where it was a little bit of opening and I could take a couple of pictures. Remember, elevation is about 6,000 feet. Beautiful!

Do you see those mountains in the snow on the horizon? Welcome to Canada!

We made that day total 12 miles in 5 hours. We came back home happy and satisfied (no snakes or cougars turned us around and we completed that trail), but tired and mostly feeling that Mountain Spokane conquered us. We will be back, there are still a lot of interesting and picturesque trails left to be challenged.

Since Jim and I had fun on Saturday, we decided to take our kids out to the city for the whole Sunday. It was a Dinosaurs Exhibition at the Convention Center.

There were so many interesting facts that I haven't heard before. For instance, do you know what dinosaur has the longest name? I didn't, but even if I knew I would never remember it. It is MICROPACHYCEPHALOSAURUS.

Or, according to brain-to-body size ratio, the dumbest dinosaur was Stegosaurus, and Troodon was the most intelligent.

This is Troodon:

Nataly's favorite dinosaur is T Rex

There were a lot of activities for kids and Nataly was excited and happy!

Have a great week,



Wyrna Christensen said...

Good for you that you did not meet creepy animals. Nature is absolutely fantastic, I can see that it must be so wonderful to hiking when the rewards are so great.
I would love to be on such a trip. (as long as the animals are away from me) Thanks for showing and sharing.
Nice also whit time for children things.

A. Wright said...

What a breathtaking scene, great hike. I busted out laughing at the thirsty creature too LOL!

Sans! said...

Ahh, I see this is an expansion of the post on your other blog :).

Natalia, your drawing made me laughed! Good thing ! :):)

It is great when we can hang out in nature. I find it a great source of inspiration for our mini life!

Ruth said...

I adore hiking and camping! Our family did it a lot growing up and now my husband and I go every chance we get :)

mcddiss said...

un fin de semana completo , las fotos son geniales , gracias por coompartirlas



Smily - Света said...

Oh, my 3.5 years daughte is a big fan of dinos! :)

Madame Mystery said...

So much inspiration! Lovely photos!
Best Wishes,

BiWuBär said...

So, no rattlesnakes this time, huh? Only thirsty alien bugs... *grin* You live in a wonderful part of the world... and I bet visiting that dino exhibition was fun.



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