Monday, January 27, 2014

Hiking Season 2014 is Opened. Part 2.

While checking out another hiking place we came to the conclusion that that part of the State Park is not taken care well at all. See yourself. We parked at the public parking lot and went straight to the information table to introduce a new route to ourselves. This is what we saw:

Since there was only one road leading forward and no any other paths, we decided to follow it. When the road turned into completely covered with ice disaster we took a right turn and started climb up. We climbed up pretty high.

This is our turn,

and this is an icy road we tried to avoid

We followed that road till we found the fallen tree on our way that we successfully went around and it appeared to be the top of the hill.

Still no signs, so I can't tell you what elevation it was, what is the name of the hill, but we stubbornly followed the road

till we found some signs of previous human being presence, like old pieces of a broken building, some metal pieces, etc...

The place felt uneasy, unhealthy and creepy. The gloomy weather didn't help either. In a word, that place felt dead, and I just refused to go further, and the curiosity brought my husband to the ruins of an old building

If you look to the left side - there is a forest,

if you look to the rite side - there is a forest

At that moment I felt that we were so careless and negligent to ourselves: not knowing where we were, no water with us, no knife, no nothing, only a cell phone without reception...

The way back was much faster... 6 miles of walking and no fun today...

I am thinking SUMMER...

But it was not the end of a day. Absolutely not satisfied with that walk we went to a new place and did a fast but very steep 2 miles up and 2 miles down climb.

That was a workout, I must tell you! and such a fabulous view!

I am thinking SUMMER more...



BiWuBär said...

My, they should attach "Warning" signs there because this information board might cause information overkill... *grin* You're two straight hikers, after that disappointing trail right on to another... chapeau!


maribel said...

Que parajes tan bonitos y espectaculares. Me encantaría darme un buen paseo por ahí.

Ilona said...

What a great effort you both have made. I can imagine that you found that deserted place, where once must have been a building, very scary, Natalia, I would think that too! And then, like you say, hiking in that deserted area without a knife, no water or even with a cell phone but with no connection to the world......iew, that is not my cup of tea ;)! BUT.........the views were great, isn't it:D?!
Thank you for sharing this story about your adventure and the gorgeous pictures of the region you were.
Hugs, Ilona

Véronique said...

Hi Natalia, that deserted, somewhat desolate place does have a strange feel, even through the pictures.
You guys are unstoppable! :-)

Isabel Ruiz said...

Porque pasaste un mal rato, pero el paisaje es precioso.

The grandmommy said...

I am so glad you and your husband were safe with so little equipment handy. The pictures up high were worth it. Just promise us you will be more careful the next time! :-)

Unknown said...

Hi Natalia!

Love hearing about your hiking adventures! I miss hiking. Hubby and I used to go when first married and then just kind of stopped. Now I need to get back into shape because we've started camping and hopefully hiking.



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