Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Victoria Carriage in Miniature - the end of the 19th century

The design of a Victoria carriage that I've finished last week is based on a typical carriage made in Dereham at the end of the 19 century and which Mr. Skinner (the Original Director of Hobbies in December 1895) used to transport himself and his family to church each Sunday.

The design has been reproduced by Hobbies Design as close to the original as possible. The original that you see in black/white picture was cut in white holly.

I used black walnut and white ash for my Victoria Carriage to get the contrast of 2 woods and enhance the beauty of the carriage.

Originally I cut out the knobs for the wheels from the black walnut and made the wheels working,

but later have changed my mind and switched the knobs on white ash and made the wheels non-working.

The Victoria Carriage is 13,5" long and 7" high. There are 3 seats there:

the coachman's seat and the passengers' seat

as well as a place for your baggage

The floor of the Victoria Carriage is covered with a velvet paper color Wine.

I used working LED coachman lights to make it easy for a coachman to drive in the dark and be seen by the others.

and I see there is a first passenger already, but the horses were not chosen yet...

Have a great day,



Fabiola said...

It's a masterpiece!
Bye, Faby

The grandmommy said...

So authentic!

Elizabeth S said...

Hello Natalia! What a beautiful carriage and how wonderful to have the carriage lights and the velvet interior; such a Luxurious added touch. :D


12Create said...

Wow, just fabulous - especially with the lights. Love the mix of woods.

isabelle said...

Quelle magnifique réussite!!! Le travail du bois est superbe!!

mcddiss said...

un trabajo precioso , me encanta



Ilona said...

WOW Natalia, what a beautiful carriage!! I love the way you have used the two colors of wood, it is gorgeous!
I can't wait to see the horses, it must be a wonderful sight to see the carriage driving with this elegant lady on the back seat :D!
Hugs, Ilona

The Old Maid said...

Beautiful work Natalia!

debbie's mini thoughts and creations said...

fantastic, I totally agree with Fabiola, it is a masterpeice

Lisa T said...

I was so excited to see your finished work on this project. Wow, Natalia! It is amazing! I love that certain wood pieces are lighter (like the wheels) as it really accents them. It is really, really beautiful.

Wyrna Christensen said...

Your carriage is so very wonderful. So talented you are both to sew and then to work in wood. The carriage are quite matchless. The passenger is also so beautiful and elegant. The two suit each other. So beautiful to look at.

BiWuBär said...

I totally agree with Fabiola - a masterpiece. Great job! But you'd better get a horse - don't let that lovely lady wait too long... ;O)


otterine said...

Ooooh! It's gorgeous! Fine work!

Lili56 said...

C'est sublime, quel magnifique travail, j'aime beaucoup
amitiés, Lili

Simona said...

I've already commented and admired your carriage in your other blog but I'll repeat myself saying that the carriage is absolutely stunning. You did a great job!! Superb!

Susan Korman said...

Oohhh Natalie! How incredibly lovely! Your work with wood is just as impressive as your work with the needle. So, so beautiful! Hopefully, your first passenger can wait for her horses and driver ;-)


ANDA said...

It's a beautiful chariot, like the lady!

maribel said...

Un trabajo perfecto!!!!

Isabel Ruiz Alonso said...

Es una belleza.

Corine Deschuytter said...

amazing !!!! this is amazing...you did a fantastic job


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