Friday, April 10, 2015

Dollhouse Miniature Petit Point Area Rug KAZAK 1/12th scale

Dollhouse Miniature Needlepoint Rug KAZAK 1/12th scale - reproduction of an antique Kazak rug.

Caucasian rugs are the product of the various tribes inhabiting the wild and mountainous district between the Black and Caspian seas.

Most Caucasian carpets use bold, almost primitive, geometric forms, most are bright and colorful, most are small. Many motifs, however, were taken from Persia and Turkey to be rendered in the virale, linear style of the Caucasus.

One of the best-known and popular Caucasian rugs is KAZAK. The geometric pattern of Kazak rugs is bold, often showing more empty ground than other Caucasian carpets. The colors are also bold: red, green, blue, white, brown.

Where does the name KAZAK come from?

First of all, please, do not be confused. Kazak rugs are not woven by Cossacks of Russia or Kazakhs of Kazakhstan. Kazak in it's many spellings refers to a political relationship rather than a tribe. The first use of the term is in the Yuan ch'ao pi-shih which dates to the 13th century. The Kazaks of Kazak were Azeri tribes that tried to maintain their freedom while standing off the Turks, the Persians, and the Russians. When Czar Alexander annexed Kazak, Shams od din, and Borchalu in 1805 the Moslems and Kurds were uprooted. So, When we read Kazak Rug in the rug trade we mean a rug made in what was the Kazak Khanate prior to the Russian capture in 1805.

The dollhouse needlepoint Kazak rug is stitched on 49 count silk gauze with Gloriana silk

Front side of the rug

Back side of the rug

317 x 398 stitches

6.47" x 8.12" or 16,43 x 20,63 cm

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Sherri-Lee Lavender said...

Wow Natalia! Stunning rug! Your stitching is so neat, and the colours are wonderfully vibrant. I like the variegation in the green thread, gives it a natural fibre look. Very well done. The background on the name Kazak is interesting as well. Hope you are well, Sherrri-Lee.

12Create said...

Another exquisite rug and interesting history. I love this design with its geometric patterns and borders.

Carolina Gonzalez said...

This is just sublime, such exquisite work!

Ilona said...

Hi Natalia! Thank you for your explanation of the 'Kazak' term, for me personally it is interesting to know that the meaning was quite different then also I was thinking. Now it's clear to me and I've clicked on my button for 'save' in my brains ;)!
The Kazak dessin of your rug is really gorgeous, just like all the dessins, which are created by your artistic hand :)!
Have a nice weekend :D!!
Hugs, Ilona

BiWuBär said...

It's always interesting to learn about the background of the patterns - and this one is not only interesting but truly beautiful.


contar said...

uf, realmente maravillosa
un abrazo

miniaturista said...

Cuantas puntadas..
Un abrazo

Isabel Ruiz Alonso said...



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