Tuesday, November 30, 2010


I would like to offer you a new contest that I called "ANOTHER DIMENSION".

You probably know that there is a form of art that is called 3D pictures or 3D illusions. Roots of this art form actually date back to 1838. It began with simple observation and expanded into crude drawings and from there moved into a more advanced form in the late 1950s when professionals were studying how our vision works. I use this art to improve my vision, believe it or not.

I posted the 3D image. A winner will be a person who will tell us what this 3D picture depicts, because there is a hidden object inside. It is not necessary to print picture, you can do it straight from the computer, wherever it is convenient for you.

How to see the 3D images?

There are actually many ways to see these incredible images. The key to seeing them is for the picture itself to be out focus to your eyes. This allows the eye and the mind to solve the illusion.

Look toward the picture but do not focus on anything. Just kind of give it a blank stare, then relax. After a bit you will start to "feel" something happen. The picture will start to change, when it does this just keep relaxing and doing the same thing. Your eyes will do the rest of the work when you are patient. When the image first comes in, it usually is just a piece of it. Continue to do the same relaxed stare and the rest will "pop" in.

The winner will get a needlepoint pattern of a Dollhouse Miniature Area Rug "Aubusson" charted by me. It is not a rug itself, it is a pattern that is supposed to be stitched. I will add a Mini surprise as well. This is the image of an "Aubusson" Needlepoint Area Rug Pattern:

The contest starts on the 1st of December, 2010 and ends at 12.00 p.m. of the 7th of December. The first person who will send me the correct answer during the next coming week will be the winner and the contest will be over.



cockerina said...

Hello Natalia! I'll try ...
at first glance looks like a skein of lace ribbon, but if you look closely, my eyes see a female figure, almost a doll, in the upper right, one other in the lower right, and a row of kittens to the center ..
I do not know if I guessed, but my eyes at this time of night, here in Italy, see this ... maybe it means that I have to go to sleep? ha ha!
thanks for this game! I do not hope to win, then good luck to who will win!
kisses, Caterina

Anonymous said...

Sans! said...

Someone is looking for an Aubusson rug just like this :)

I have been looking at the pic for 15 mins and no luck :( . Maybe I should not take off my glasses ..lol!

contar said...

lo se, lo se, es la silueta de una foca haciendo equilibrios con una pelota, y a trabes de ella se ve un espacio hacia el fondo con otras pequeñas siluetas repetidas hasta el infinito.
es genial
un abrazo

I know, I know, is the silhouette of a seal balancing a ball, and beams it is a space to the bottom with other small shapes repeated ad infinitum.
is great
a hug

Shelly said...

It is a seal balancing a ball on his nose. :o)

Miniatures by Natalia said...

Sans!, it doesn't matter if you take your glasses off or not, you still can be able to see it. Try again, :)))

Miniatures by Natalia said...

Contar, you are missing one more little detail and it was a catch. Hurry up. Give me a 100% correct answer: a seal balancing a ball and ...

cockerina said...

oh! My God! I also see it now !!!!!!!!! and as three-dimensional! beautiful!
then, in my opinion is a seal with a large ball on the nose, but not exactly resting on his nose, the ball is slightly off as if it were suspended .. and then ... running ?????????
I hope to have guessed, and above all I hope to regain my sight, because I tried very eyes and now I see everything twice! ha ha!
kisses, Caterina

Sonja said...

I saw a seal playing with a ball saying love you

unicornio said...

My head isn´t very good today,but I see the draw and I see seal with ball.My head now it´s very pain,now. I´m sorry because my English isn´t very good.I needthe translation for the animal. Hugs,Matilde.

Rosamargarita said...

Una foca... tridimensional con una pelota? pero es ovalada!
Jajaja al fin te encontré

Meapuntoatodo said...

Siento llegar tarde , ya es dia 10 ... Lo siento, porque veo : una foca haciendo equilibrios con una pelota y la palabra KISS por delante de la pelota ... me encantan estas imagenes en 3D.
Muy original el concurso . Un beso Mariajo


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