Saturday, November 6, 2010

Pillow #6

11.42 p.m. Just in time. My camera doesn't do justice. Now it is a bedtime. Good night, or Good morning and have a great day. Thank you everyone for the comments. I need to know your opinion. Don't forget to come to visit my blog tomorrow. It will be a new pillow. I am thinking to stitch Santa pillow.

9.00 p.m.




Elga said...

Looks like a kitty is making it's way into life, can't wait to see it finished, enjoy!!! :-)

cockerina said...

Natalia these embroideries are one is the best! and you are very fast!
but I beg you, you will not stress your eyes!
love, Caterina

Unknown said...

Интересно, что получится?!

Elga said...

He, or is it a she, turned out beautiful, my favourite so far, but then I am partial to cats.


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