Sunday, November 7, 2010

Pillow #7

This is Santa peaking in a frosty window of your house that is surrounded by evergreen trees. The stars are shining brightly in the dark blue sky. It is bad my camera hasn't captured the gold bright light of the stars finished in Eyelet stitch. I hope as soon as all pillows are put together they will have absolutely different look.

This is my own idea and my own design. I used 7 different kinds of stitches: French Knots, Eyelet Stitch, Smyrna Stitch, Elongated Smyrna Stitch, Satin Stitch, Cross Stitch and Half Cross Stitch. Guterman Silk, DMC, Gold metallic thread were used to complete this design - 12 different colors total.

Today it was a very good day full of inspiration.

Here comes a French knotted Santa's beard. Look, he is smiling to you! Ho-ho-ho!
Now I need to think about those corners.

What does the start of Pillow #7 remind you? It is a little red top of Santa's hat. Ho-ho-ho! He is coming!


rosanna said...

The cat is a cutie! and I lve the blue one with the squares. Rosanna

Mooghiscath said...

j'aime le chat aussi !

BiWuBär said...

The santa is very funny! And all of your pillows have great designs - can't wait to see what your next one will be like. Happy stitching! ;O)


cockerina said...

fantastic! as you have shaved?? I dare not imagine what will you do tomorrow ....
kisses and goodnight!

CLARA said...

Ho, ho, ho. To tambien sonrio con este ultimo trabajo. Has trabajado todos los puntos, precioso con tanto relieve y tantos colores.
El del gato me lo habia perdido, tiene una postura relajada y hasta sexy :)))
Me encantan todos, todos.
Besos Clara

cockerina said...

oh! Natalia! This Santa Claus is really the most beautiful pillow that I have ever seen! despite the low light, you see the glittering gold thread ... beautiful!
I love your new background


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