Sunday, September 11, 2011

Spokane Fair, WA

The fall has come. You can say it by looking at the trees. The green color of the leaves is fading, slowly turning into the new gamma of beautiful colors: yellow, red, gold... Anyway the hot temperature still let you have fun outside and go to the lake, play in the parks. When a fair comes to the city, it doesn't matter what weather is outside - it is always fun. Yesterday our family spent a couple of hours surfing through the art exhibitions,
craft tables and stands,
tables with cakes,
looking at the beautiful huge wall of quilts,
some dollhouse's items,
9 year old girl's Fairy' Tea House,
and of course ridding the rides.


BiWuBär said...

What an interesting fair - so much to see. Those cakes really made me smile, fantastic. I bet the stitched flower alphabet was really something for you... ;O)


Sans! said...

Such a fun fair! I am sure you enjoyed yourself. That gory cake, I LIKE! :)


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