Wednesday, May 29, 2013

New at my Etsy Store

I listed a couple of new items at my Etsy Store.

First, my new designs of dollhouse miniature rugs for 1/12th scale.

Dollhouse Miniature Needlepoint Pattern Rug "KAZAK", 1/12 scale, 4.38" x 6.13" (11.11 x 15.56 cm), 40 count silk gauze

Dollhouse Miniature Needlepoint Pattern Rug "KAZAK", 1/12 scale, 4.33" x 7.08" (10.99 x 17.97 cm), 40 count silk gauze

Dollhouse Miniature Child Mannequin kit 1/12th scale. That is true, it is a child mannequin. McQueenie company made it so realistic that I had a couple of transactions when somebody bought that kit and then returned back, because they thought that it is a real size child mannequin. Makes me think if they read the description before to purchase things, lol...

I also got today a kit for HBS contest.

I did a dry fit, the kit is easy to assemble. Just sketching, thinking and planning...

What are you working on?



mcddiss said...

las alfombras son preciosas , el maniqui esta muy logrado ,y no la gente no lee con mucha atencion, el kit de la casita es muy chulo



Sarah K. said...

Good luck on the HBS contest. I always love looking at their incredible entries.

maribel said...

Ya sabes que tus alfombras siempre me parecen fantásticas. Felicidades.

BiWuBär said...

Your rug designs are beautiful. And great that the next kit arrived, looks lovely. I'm curious what you're going to do with it. I have a vague idea what I would do with it... here's a hint... a little Witchy Chic is never wrong... I can't deny it, I like doing this magical stuff... ;O)


Rosethé said...

magnifiques tapis !


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