Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The Salt Lake Temple, Utah - Miniature Version

I couldn't not to tell you about visiting the Salt Lake Temple in Utah. We stopped there last month on our way to Arizona.

This magnificent granite structure was constructed over a period of 40 years, from the laying of the cornerstones on 6 April 1853 to the dedication on 6 April 1893. The temple is considered the house of the Lord and is sacred to members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Rich symbolism adorns the exterior of the Salt Lake Temple, depicting mankind's journey from mortality into the eternal realms.

Unfortunately, the temple is not open for public tours,

but there is a miniature version of it that is on the display in the Temple's museum behind the glass.

The details of the temple's mini version are epic. I spent a lot of time just staring at this magnificent mini temple and, of course, took a lot of pictures...

Some Temple Facts:
The Salt Lake Temple was the fourth temple built in Utah.
The Salt Lake Temple was the only temple dedicated by President Wilford Woodruff.
The Salt Lake Temple took 40 years to build with its highly ornate interior being completed in just a year.
The walls of the Salt Lake Temple are nine feet thick at the base and six feet thick at the top.
The Salt Lake Temple features beautiful hand-painted murals on the walls of its progressive-style ordinance rooms: Creation Room, Garden Room, World Room, Terrestrial Room (no murals), and Celestial Room (no murals).
The Salt Lake Temple was dedicated on April 6, 1893—three years before Utah became a state in 1896.
The Salt Lake Temple was closed on July 29, 1962 for extensive renovation that included demolition of the old annex; cleaning of the exterior stone; replacement or upgrade of all mechanical systems, plumbing, wiring, carpeting, and light fixtures; reupholstering of furniture; and redecoration of the entire building. The temple reopened on May 21, 1963.
On August 13, 1993, the contents of the Salt Lake Temple record stone—a hollow stone in the foundation—were removed 136 years after they were originally placed there by Brigham Young and other leaders. Items placed in the stone included books, pamphlets, periodicals, and a set of Deseret gold coins. Because the stone had cracked, the paper items were severely damaged by moisture. Salvaged materials are now housed in the Church History Library.

Source: http://www.ldschurchtemples.com/saltlake/

to be continued...


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Gosh that is just gorgeous!

BiWuBär said...

This was very intereting - and the miniature version of the temple simply breathtaking. What a gorgeous miniature building! Thanks for sharing.


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Es una preciosa maqueta.

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Maravillosa reproducción en miniatura.
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