Saturday, May 30, 2015

I Wish You A Wonderful Weekend!

I woke up today in a great mood, the room was full of Sun, the birds were singing outside. It feels like the raining days are over.

I went barefoot outside on the deck to drink a cup of tea and the first that my eyes laid on was the peonies. I have only 2 types of peonies at this moment. I planted them last spring and the bushes stayed small all year without a sign of growing up, but at the same time without a sign of dying. I think, they fought for their life, and I hoped they would survived, and they DID!

I planted my peonies on the backyard trying to save them from deers, who eat everything on their way they see, therefore nobody else but our family can see them (what a pitty!). Since we don't spend all the time outside, I cut some peonies and put them in a vase upstairs in the sitting room. Each time I go upstairs I smell the magic gentle fragrance of these wonderful flowers. My DAD is a big fan of peonies. Each time when I see them now my nostalgia for home and my family that lives in Russia grows up more.

I decided to share the pictures of peonies (I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!) and my romantic mood with you and wish you a wonderful weekend!

While I was taking the pictures of peonies, I saw a little light green spider. This little green LIFE looks so fragile!



Isabel Ruiz Alonso said...

Son preciosas. Que disfrutes de su belleza y su olor.

miniaturista said...

Son preciosas y esa arañita haciendo un buen paseo por el pétalo.
Un abrazo

Catherine said...

They are so beautiful. Have a great week.

BiWuBär said...

Ah... peonies! One of my favourite flowers for sure... and you have two varieties being very beautiful. What a lovely bouquet! Btw - you have to be patient with peony plants... they don't like to change places! ;O)


Ilona said...

Stunning, beautiful peonies, Natalia, I enjoy these flowers as much as you do......they're my favorites too :D!
Have a great week. Hugs, Ilona

The grandmommy said...

So pretty I can almost smell them! The colors complement one another!

Judith said...

One of my favourites too, Natalia, but here in England the ones in my garden are a long way from flowering. Thank you so much for sharing yours.


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