Wednesday, May 13, 2015

What does it make you stronger?...

and the poet said to the mountaineer
don’t look at the peak
as a goal to be conquered
look at it instead
as a loved one to be adored
and explored
and it shall be yours

Vijayalakshmi Harish

We spent a wonderful day at the Zion National Park, Utah.

I LOVE HIKING! I didn't know I would love mountains and rocks so much! Probably because I have never seen real ones?

I took a lot of pictures of mountains and rocks. I just stood and took pictures, then made a step, stopped and took a lot of pictures. Just like I took a picture of this rock.

This is how far down at the bottom of that mountain I was. I almost turned around and left, but stopped. With a corner of my eye I saw something moving on the mountain. I zoomed my camera...

Can you see? That blue dot in the middle? I was so intrigued and zoomed more...

and more

and more

Oh, my Gosh! Un-be-lie-vable!

From that little blue dot (please, click on the picture) that is hardly to be seen

to that critical position where a decision can cost life.

I wonder what does it take them to conquer heights? Probably, something I don't have, and I can blame on my fear of heights of course, but probably this challenge for me is something I will never overcome...

to be continued...


minwks said...

Hi Natalia, That is quite a zoom on your camera.
I am fearless about quite a lot of things but scaling a mountain is not something I need to undertake. It does take ones breath away to imagine a false step and its results. Zion is awesome!
Lots more Adventures ahead for you. Have fun.

Catherine said...

GREAT pictures! The very idea of doing that myself makes me dizzy and not just a little sick to my stomach!

BiWuBär said...

I guess from now on I must call you Mrs. Eagle-eye Turbo-needle... Well, although I'm very impressed but in my modest opinion not everything that can be done should be done... *teehee*


miniaturista said...

Bonitas fotos, lo de escalar me impresiona.
Un abrazo


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