Thursday, October 13, 2011

CABINET MAKING, Not Minis, But Still Fun

It is 1.00 a.m. in the morning here. I came home 2 hours ago. It was last day of a Cabinet Making class at the local Woodcraft store. I brought home my first cabinet I've made by myself. It doesn't relate to the miniatures but I really wanted to show you the cabinet. My dream is to build the kitchen cabinets for my own kitchen, someday... The design is very simple and we used birch plywood, but now I know how to build a case and frame for it,
I've learnt pocket-hole joinery,
and how to make a simple door for a cabinet, and more...
and here is my cabinet,
Tomorrow I will finish it, for now - Good night and have good dreams!

Oh, no, wait, look at this joiner,

and a router table,

and a table saw... Just a dream, true?

Now, Good night and have a good rest!


Josje said...

Yes a workshop like that would be a dream! Oh well, can't have everything. Will you be able to use those machines to make the other cabinets for your kitchen?
The cabinet looks great by the way!

Lataina said...

That's a useful class to take! =) Your cabinet looks fantastic! =)


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