Sunday, October 9, 2011

Christmas Tree Workshop in Spokane, WA

Today I will load you with the tons of images. Yesterday we had the Christmas Tree Workshop in Spokane, WA, organized by a local dollhouse meeting. More than 40 people attended it with 12 dealers.
Each participant got a tote bag with a lot of goodies and surprises and kits to decorate the Christmas Tree.
There were Door prizes, Exchange Gifts and Ruffle tickets.
Everyone worked on theirs trees. Unfortunately, I didn't, I was one of the dealers, but I will make my own Christmas tree and post an image of it later.
Vicki, the President of both Dollhouse Miniatures clubs in Spokane, WA and Cour-d-Allen, ID, was very busy and tired, and I got the feeling she didn't like me snicking around and taking pictures of her but I still did it. She did an amazing job organizing that workshop and deserves to be known.
I believe nobody completely finished the Christmas Tree, that's why I don't have any images of them. The rest of the pictures will be from the Display room, and sorry if I missed somebody's name, because some of the projects didn't have them.

This project took the first place in the Category "Dollhouse Miniatures" at the Spokane Fair this that was held in September, 2011
and was made by this wonderful lady Katie

This Christmas hutch and a Christmas room box were made by Tammi
Christmas room box by Cheryl

A project by Rosemary Shipman

Project by Michelle

Christmas room box by Marilee

Another big project by Marilee "French Bakery"

This project was made by the youngest member of a Dollhouse Miniatures club, Samantha

Big Christmas house by Danny

Oh, I forgot to mention about this dealer
it is a beautiful parrot and his helper

and the others (sorry, no names)

This is the sample of a workshop that will be held in the Fall 2012:

Haven't you got the Christmas spirit yet?


BiWuBär said...

O christmas tree, o christmas tree... better stop singing before blogland will get empty - but I'm in a very festive mood now... ;O) Thank you for all these lovely pictures of talented people's work.


Lataina said...

Those are some nice projects. Thanks for sharing! =)

Fabiola said...

Wow! Very, very beautiful projects!
Bye Faby

Maria Ireland said...

Wow fantastic Projects. Than you for sharing. They are all wonderful.
Hugs Maria


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