Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Stocking for Caterina

On the 8th of January, 2011 I offered you a contest on my blog "Be Your Own Designer" and design your own Christmas stocking and I promised to stitch it for a winner. Here is a link to that post:

Surprisingly for me, nobody wanted to participate in that contest and I had only one person who contacted me. It was Caterina from

Since she was only one who participated I announced her as the winner of that contest. Caterina didn't design her stocking but she e-mailed me these lovely photos
and asked to make a stocking based upon the images.

Today I can finally tell Caterina that her Christmas stocking is ready to be filled up with Christmas goodies. Well, Caterina won't get it for the Christmas, but I hope it will arrive before the New Year!

Happy New Year, Caterina! I hope you like it!

and final view, by the way the stocking was stitched with The Silk Mill, new silk thread I purchased recently


Monika said...

Wow.... that's very cute... meine Hochachtung.... Sticken ist nicht meine Sache.

Schicke ganz liebe Weihnachtsgrüße mit

PuNo / Monika

Drora's minimundo said...

Natalia, this is a lovely story. Lucky Caterina, I know she's planning a Swiss Chaletand this will be a wonderful item for it.
Merry Christmas!

Garden of Miniatures said...

Lucky Caterina to get this amazing piece! I'm totally in love with that Christmas stocking and the design couldn't be better! Jeannette x

Margriet said...

It's beautiful!!!

Ludmila said...

Какой милый сапожок! Прелесть!

BiWuBär said...

What a fantastic piece (with a huge touch of Tirolean folk art, I think)- you've done a great job, Caterina will love it.


cristina said...


que tengas felices fiestas y muchos saludos

SaMiRa73 said...

Oh, what I pity I wasn´t a follower of your blog then and did not read that post :-(...but this stocking is great in will fit so perfectly in Caterina´s log cabin! Beautiful work and congrats to Caterina!
Merry Christmas and a Happy 2012!
Hugs, Sandra

cockerina said...

Natalia, my dear, you ask me if I like it?? I'm happy! I LOVE IT!
sock is the most beautiful I have ever seen in the blogosphere, and it is mine!! I'm in seventh heaven, is a masterpiece, like all the things you do!
I was sure you would be able to do it, forgive me if I have not been able to make the pattern, because I can not embroider, but this fits corresponds exactly to the idea that I had. thank you, dear, a very Happy Christmas to you and your family!

xxxxxx Caterina

PS Please remember to write GIFT on the package, otherwise the post office they charge me customs fees exaggerated .. : (
I have no words to say thanks, but I thank you a lot, from the depths of my heart!

rosanna said...

IT is wondeful and ACterina will be over the moon.
I remember well your post but you gave only a short time and I couldn't draw my design for lack of it :O((
Next time I'll be braver and I'll write to you all the same :o)))
Best wishes, ROanna

Rosamargarita said...

Es tan preciosa, tu eres una artista y Catherina tiene mucha suerte de ser la dueña de esa maravilla.
Felices fiestas.
Un abrazo

Ascension said...

Estoy segura que estara feliz, es una maravilla de trabajo.
besitos ascension

Maria Ireland said...

The stocking is beautiful.
Hugs Maria

Eva said...

¡Es una verdadera joya!. Un saludo, Eva

Miniatures by Natalia said...

I am so happy, Caterina, you love the stocking. Thank you everyone for your nice comments! May be I will have another contest for designing a Christmas stocking this 2012 year and will give more time to think about your design. Happy New Year to everyone!


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