Friday, February 24, 2012

Royal Treasure Box

I keep experimenting with silk ribbon in 1/12th scale and today I started a new project - another wall picture with flowers and a butterfly. Today I want to show you what I've been working on recently. It is not a miniature, it is a gift for my little daughter. She will be 6 on the 3rd of March and I want her to have this Treasure/Jewelry Box that I embroidered for her. The top was done in Goldwork. At the bottom of it I wrote in Russian "Maмa", but I am sure whatever language you speak, you understand it, true?
I hope you wouldn't mind tons of images of the process. I just wanted to share my excitement with you, and don't be too strict to me - this is my first time working with Gold Metallic threads. This is how the project looked like when I started.
First, I cut out the felt and gold fabric shapes for the flower and the bud, then placed the felt pieces on each design shape and couched all around the edges. After that I placed the gold fabric over the felt and couched all around the edges as well.
The cup of the flower and 3 small teadrop shapes above the Iris petals are outlined with back stitches and satin stitch
and 3 mm gold beads are added in each teadrop.
After that I worked on the Centre of Iris Flower. I couched stretched Gold Pearl Sadi with 1 strand of Gold Handsew thread. In the middle I stitched a 3 mm gold bead in the centre and 4 Bronze Iris Miyauki square beads around this. In between them I added Fushia Delica beads.
The Cup of Flower is done with Gold Rajcord in trellis stitched over the purple satin stitch. The cup is outlined with stretched Gold Pearl Sadi, couched with Gold Handsew thread.
Iris petals are outlined with stretched Gold Pearl Sadi
The Bud is outlined with stretched Gold Pearl Sadi with 1 strand of Gold handsew thread and purple Delica and fushia beads are added to the bud and petals.
Then I made a little break and finished the whole project yesterday couching trailing vine, curved leaves and Iris stem.
After that I finished the top, attached it to the Treasure Box (size 7 x 4 x 2.75")
... and it is ready
Now Nataly will keep all her jewelry in this Royal Treasure Box, designed by Irene Junkuhn, stitched by me.


Unknown said...

this is beautiful, any daughter would be pleased to get this, you shouls feel proud of your work,

Elga said...

The Gold work box is lovely Natalia, I am sure Nataly will be very happy with it!!!!

Eliana said...

Wow! What a wonderful work, Natalia! The box is beautiful!

Judith said...

This is exquisite Natalia - such beautiful stitching and I love the colours. I'm sure your daughter will treasure it for many years to come. Judith x

Drora's minimundo said...

Your daughter must be very proud of her mother. I hope she too will be as talented when she grows up. This box is a heirloom piece.

BiWuBär said...

What a treasurue in any way - I think your daughter will love it and it will become a family heirloom!


Анна Гончарова said...

Очень красиво и роскошно! БРАВО!
Вот только проверочный код очень тяжело набирать, чтобы комментарий оставить...

Ascension said...

Seguro que tu hija va a disfrutar muchisimo de esa autentica joya.
Un precioso trabajo.
besitos ascension

otterine said...

Such beautiful details. I love the textures. It's a treasure!

Sans! said...

This is the kind of royal gift that will make any daughter tear with joy and brim with overflowing love, my dear Natalia.

Your exquisite work is beyond words!


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