Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Kilim "Peacocks"

This Kilim "Peacocks" was charted based on RL. I am planning to make a walhanging but the design can be used as a rug too. It was stitched on 40 count silk gauze, 94 x 124 stitches, 2.35" x 3.10" (5.97 x 7.87 cm).

Kilim Area Rug Dollhouse Miniature

Here is another project of Kilim Rug. It is stitched on 40 count silk gauze, 80 x 146 stitches. The size of a rug without fringe 2.00" x 3.65".

Kilim Area Rug "Peacock" Dollhouse Miniature

Here is another Kilim Area Rug "Peacock" for your dollhouse.
In the center of the rug you can see a Peacock motif. The motif is found in folk stories of many Eastern cultures and appear frequently in rugs from Iranian tribal provinces (Kurdistan, Qashqai, Bakhtiari, Shiraz and Afshari Nasrabads rugs or Kilims). The Peacock is a mystical symbol from heaven bringing a message to the people on the earth (possibly this may symbolize the prophetic figure who brings the message from God to man!). He symbolizes a good omen.In some folkloric poems the peacock symbolizes the "fallen soul" or the soul that is attached to earthly things.

Tabby weaved and fringed on he both sides.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Kilim Persian Oriental Rug Dollhouse Miniature

Today a new rug was finished, Kilim Persian Oriental Rug.
It was stitched on 40 count Silk Gauze with variegated thread
88 x 75 stitches. The rug measures 2.20" x 1.88" without fringes
Birds are one of the important symbols in rugs and are quite frequently used in all tribal pieces, including kilims.
The edges of the rug were finished with tabby weaving and fringe

Not finished fringe

Tabby weaving is finished at the bottom and at the top


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