Saturday, September 29, 2012

Dressing a Mannequin

If you follow my blog you remember Vanessa, an Edwardian doll in her age, whose feet I tried to fix. She is still undressed and her shoes are in the process. The reason why it takes so slow is that I tried to find fabric for her dress that will fit the atmosphere of the roombox. I think I found what I've been looking for and probably this weekend I will work on dressing Vanessa.

Last weeks I practiced on dressing a mannequin in 1/12th scale. The mannequin you see is dressed with white dress made from silk. It can be an evening dress or a wedding dress if to add veil to it. I don't have a place for it. I am just practicing on dressing mannequins before to put my hands on Vanessa.

I made roses and bows from ribbon silk

I also added some embroidery on the skirt (white embroidery), it is hard to see on the picture, but it is there above the bows ...

and on the sleeves

Have a great weekend,


Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Winchester Mystery House

One of my hobbies is traveling and visiting mansions. Today I want to tell you about one of my favorite mansions - Winchester Mystery House. It is located in San Jose, CA. If you are planning to attend the Good Sam show at the beginning of October, try to find time to visit that mansion, you won't regret.

This mansion has a second name "The mansion designed by spirits".
Construction starts in 1884
Construction ends in 1922
Cost of construction is $5,500,000
Length of construction is 38 years
Size of Original Estate - 161 acres
Number of rooms - 160
Number of doors - 2,000
Number of Windows - 10,000
Number of stairways - 40
Number of Fireplaces - 47
Number of chimneys - 17
Number of bathrooms - 13
Number of kitchens - 6
Number of gallons of paint needed for exterior - 20,000

Do you dare to reproduce it in miniature?

The fascinating story of the Winchester Mystery House has its roots in the personal tragedies suffered by Mrs. Winchester and in the legacy of the Winchester rifle, "The Gun That Won The West".

Why did Mrs. Sarah Winchester spent the last half of her life and $5,500,000 building a house that contains 160 rooms? The mystery remains unsolved to this very day.
It is said that this photo was taken secretly by a gardener hiding in the nearby bushes. Mrs. Winchester didn't like to be taken a photo of.

Winchester Mystery House is an extravagant maze of Victorian craftmanship.

There are stairs that lead to nowhere. For example, this one leads to the ceiling:

There are doors leading to nowhere:

The daisy was Mrs. Winchester's favorite flower, and she used it often - including in these custom-made stained glass windows on the second floor:

The Seance Room was where Mrs. Winchester supposedly held her late night conferences with the spirits. The 13 hooks in the cupboards had 13 colored robes which she wore during seances:

Many windows have 13 panes and there are 13 bathrooms, with 13 windows in the 13th bathroom. There are also 13 wall panels in the room prior to the 13th bathroom, and 13 steps leading to the bathroom. The Carriage Entrance Hall floor is divided in 13 cement sections. There are 13 hooks in the Seance Room. There are more thirteens: 13 rails by the floor-level skylight in the South Conservatory, 13 steps on many stairways, 13 squares on each side of the Otis electric elevator, 13 glass cupolas on the Greenhouse, 13 holes in the sink drain covers, 13 ceiling panels in some of the rooms, and 13 gas jets on the Ballroom chandelier! Do you have chill already or what?

Can you tell what is wrong with the house on these pictures?

You are absolutely correct, spindles/balusters are upside down! Amazing imagination!

The gardens are beautiful!
In some ways, the design of the gardens is typically Victorian, with geometric designs and neatly trimmed shrubs.

Absolutely gorgeous and mystic mansion!

One of the best known statues is that of Chief Little fawn, a Native American who died defending his homeland. It is said that Mrs. Winchester erected this statue to placate the spirits of hundreds of thousands of Indians who were killed by the Winchester repeating rifles.

This is Mrs. Winchester's bedroom where she died in 1922. She suffered greatly from arthritis and passed away in her sleep from heart failure.

She was buried beside her beloved husband in New haven, Connecticut, taking all secrets of the way she lived and why she built one of the world's oddest houses...

I hope you liked the story,


Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A Bohemian Bazaar

I've been following Blake's work for a long time. If you haven't seen his Halloween range of cakes look here

Aren't they delicious?

Monday, September 24, 2012

Summer International Swap 2012

Caterina ( organised another International swap last summer.

Here is a picture of the lovely goodies I've got from Ingrid ( Thank you, Ingrid, they are adorable. The picture was taken by Ingrid.

Here is another picture of what I sent to my partner Rosamaria (

Looking forward to participate in the Christmas International Swap 2012.

Thank you, Caterina!


Sunday, September 23, 2012


I would like to thank everyone who participated in my fall Giveaway 2012. Thank you for your beautiful answers and sharing your dreams about visiting different countries.
It was very interesting for me to read your comments.

Three most popular countries to visit, based on your comments, are: the USA, Spain and France.

I am happy to announce the winner of the Fall Giveaway 2012.


The needlepoint frame, slippers with stitched portraits of a GOLD RETRIEVER, a corner chair will travel to South Wales, Australia!

I hope you enjoy the Fall!


Sunday, September 16, 2012


I can't believe I've been abusing my blog for such a long time! Life has been hectic lately.

Anyway, thank you everyone for your nice messages and warm words.

In the sign of appreciation I would like to offer you to participate in my new Fall Giveaway 2012.

Today I offer you this set of needlework frame with stitched portrait of a Golden Retriever (it was stitched on 49 count silk gauze with Gutermann silk), petite pointed slippers with stitched puppy of the Golden Retriever on the front (it was petite pointed on 60 count silk gauze with The Silk Mill silk), they come with the little shoe box, and a beautiful carved corner chair (that is not my work, but new and comes in the original box).

The rules are the same... Oh, no...

Let's play a little bit.

When you leave a comment, I would like you to answer a question: if you have had a chance to go abroad from whatever country you live, what country would you like to go to visit and why? Easy, true?

You have 4 days to sign up for a Fall Giveaway 2012. It will be closed on the 20th of September at 11.59 p.m. and a Winner will be announced on the 21st of September.

Good Luck,


Friday, September 7, 2012

New On My Etsy

I listed a couple of new items on my Etsy store:

Pillow "Victorian Roses"

Pillow "Navajo"

Picture "Le Chiffre D'Armour"/Fragonard, that is stitched on 60 count with The Silk Mill silk, 38 colors.

Please, have a look at the right hand side bar on my blog and visit my store Scarlet Sails.

Thank you,


Monday, September 3, 2012

Antique Kazak Rug in 1/12th scale - Week 7

I made a little bit of progress on my Kazak rug last week. Just wanted to remind that I am stitching it on 49 count silk gauze with Gloriana silk. The finished rug will measure approx. 6.5" x 8.5"


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