Thursday, March 31, 2011


Chinese silk from China hasn't arrived yet. Yah, it is a long way...
I can't make myself to finish my blue Chinese rug at this time and at the same time I can't not to stitch. I was in the mood of something easy, fast and bright. As a result you can see this tiny 4-way Bargello pillow stitched on 60 count silk gauze with the same Chinese silk, 5 colors. Still can't put it together because not the whole piece of silk gauze was used. Have a great day!


This is the 4th shelf from my series "Fretwork in 1:12 scale". There is not much fretwork here. Mahogany wood was used for this one. I haven't finished painting it yet, so look for further updates.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Today I am happy to present you my next project from my series "Fretwork in 1:12 scale" - Folded Screen. For this project I used Cherry wood, very satisfied with the result. It is almost 6" tall and the width of each part is almost 2".

This is how it will look like when I attach the hinges. Now it is time to sand and finish.

Please, keep following my blog to see the finished projects in fretwork, 1:12 scale.

My next project will be an outside bench.


I have a very amazing friend who is a talented miniatures artist at the same time. Her name is Elga and she lives in South Africa. If you haven't visited her blog yet , hurry up! She works on Victorian Queen Anne chairs and posts the tutorial.

Last fall I sent her 3 pictures of some pieces of real size furniture I would loved to have in miniature and upholstered them with my stitchery. Elga agreed to make them for me. Today was my lucky day when I got a package from Elga and was very happy with the result she achieved by duplicating the furniture in 1:12 scale.

When I opened the box there was a nice card from Elga.

I want to remind you that I sent her the images and she worked from the scratch.
First piece is a little square footstool. Here is a picture of a real size footstool I found in the magazine:
and here is what Elga made:

Here is another piece of a real size night table where you can see only the top of it
and here is what Elga made:

Isn't it a beautiful piece with an opening draw and those long straight legs? She added a shelf at the bottom.

This is a picture of a last project - real size fires screen

and this is what Elga ended up with. Oh, this is my favorite piece! I just love it. It can be used as a fire screen

or as a tilt-top table

Isn't it fabulous?

...but it is not all. She also put some teeny gifts for me and Nataly's dollhouse.
These are little beaded purses that Elga made

This is a tiny candle box made and painted by Elga:

Oh, my heart is melting when I see these pot holders. Very intricate, very detailed, and very accurate:

and some dishes for Nataly's dolls:

Elga, thank you very much! You have made my day today!
Now I have more projects to complete.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Next project from the series "Fretwork in 1: 12 scale" I finished last weekend is this standing mirror. It is 6" tall and 3" wide at the top. I used woodblood for this project and loved this kind of wood a lot. Time to sand and finish it.

Monday, March 28, 2011


While waiting for my Chinese silk to arrive from China I was busy cutting 3 more projects from the series that I called "Fretwork in 1:12 scale". Yesterday I finished cutting shelf # 3 in fretwork, 1:12 scale. It is a standing CORNER shelf with 4 levels. Now it is time to sand and finish it. I used Mahogany wood for this project. I actually made 2 shelves.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The 3rd Annual Online Dollhouse Miniatures Trade Show

Hi to all Dollhouse Miniatures Fans!
Several of you plan to register for our 3rd Annual Dollhouse Miniatures Trade Online shows in 2011 because you've emailed to let me know. We also know that, with the economy such as it is today, every bit of savings helps (so don't miss the early deadline!). The Dollhouse Miniatures Show is about providing an affordable wholesale venue for both designers AND shop owners. Now, perhaps more than ever, this is a show you shouldn't miss. When consumers and shop owners are questioning their travel plans and the cost of attending a show, The Dollhouse Miniatures Show will still be a low-cost option for seeing and purchasing products.
For those of you that have not attended one of our online shows let me share with you some more information about our Online Dollhouse Miniatures Trade Shows. This show was first launched in 2009 and we have 3 shows per a year.
The first (May 27 - May 30, 2011) and third shows (October 7 - October 10, 2011) are for the miniatures in 1:12th scale.
The second show that will be held through the July 1 - July 4, 2011 is planned to be only for Smaller Scales miniatures (1:24th, 1:144th).
You can register as Vendors, Buyers, Sponsors.
Vendors are allowed to sell their products on this website during the trade show dates. They should be registered here
The registration fee depends on in how many shows you prefer to participate, plus, your products remain on the website year-round. This is perhaps one of the greatest benefits of The Online Dollhouse Miniatures Show because, unlike physical shows, your advertising value continues even after the show is closed.
The fee for ONLY one show is $10.00
The fee for registration for 2 shows is $7.50
The fee for registration for ALL 3 shows is $5.00
All fees are SYMBOLIC, because the whole goal of these Online shows is to support Dollhouse Miniatures World and their talented artists.
You can go here and see how your page will be displayed. As soon as show starts a “Buy Now” button will appear.
As Buyers you will be allowed to purchase unbelievable items from our vendors worldwide either as wholesale or as a general customer depending on your level of membership. The registration for a General Buyer is free, but requires registration, because each buyer will get a username and password that will allow a seller to track their customers.
The Wholesale Buyer pays fees ($5.00)
As a Sponsor, you will be able to display your name and website link on this website for the life of your membership.
We also promote a free offer for all retail stores to advertise their store for free. You can send me the information about your store and I will upload your information on this page:
During the shows the WORKSHOPS will be offered to you. Please, send me any proposals for your workshops if you are interested in offering one.
Each Vendor can have a doorprise for their customers.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email.

Natalia Frank
The Dollhouse Miniatures Show

Monday, March 21, 2011

Shelf. Fretwork. Scale 1:12

I finished second shelf from the series "Fretwork in 1:12 scale".
Next project that I want to make using the scroll saw will be a folded screen.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Experiment # 2

Here is a little update for my Experiment # 2. I added 4 shadows of green to my piece of bargello that I am stitching on 60 count silk gauze with Chinese silk for a couch or settee (haven't decided yet) in 1:12 scale. I also outlined the dark green with a White Snow color. It is very exciting for me to see how the design grows and changes with each shadow I add. The design calls for Gold and Silver colors that I don't have at this time. I made an on-line order and expecting silk to come in maximum 2 weeks from China, so for now I'll go back to my Chinese rug and try to finish it.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Round Footstools 1:12 scale

I put together 2 round footstools. Both designs were stitched on 49 count silk gauze with Gutterman silk.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Last week I started a new project. What do I experiment here?
1. This is a little bit more complicated Bargello design.
2. I am stitching it on 60 count silk gauze. The smallest count of silk gauze I played with Bargello was 40 count.
3. I am stitching with Chinese silk that is hard to use, but I like the effect of using different shadows of the same color. On this piece you can see 9 different shadows, more will be added later.

Have a great week!

Monday, March 14, 2011


Another simple example of using Bargello in miniature needlework:
It also was worked on 40 count with 2 colors of Gloriana silk

Sunday, March 13, 2011


I love Bargello (also called Florentine or zigzag). It is the canvas embroidery stitch that people all over the world are doing these days. I have never done it in real size but love to do it in miniature size: it is easy to learn and fast to do.
Here is a very, very simple example of a pillow cover made in Bargello, I used 40 count, 2 colors of DMC Medica wool:

Saturday, March 12, 2011


Today I cut some pieces on scroll saw for a shelf, a picture frame or a mirror, and another shelf. Tomorrow I will finish and put them together.


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