Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Silk Ribbon Romance. Part 7.

Last but not least. My inspiration is almost over. I think it will be a final project with silk ribbon for now. One more wall picture.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Silk Ribbon Romance. Part 6.

One more try with working silk ribbon on a button footstool. Can you see a butterfly there?

Monday, February 27, 2012

Silk Ribbon Romance. Part 5.

Today I wanted to experiment a little bit with applying silk ribbon on the mini furniture. I can't say I am very satisfied with what I've got. I weaved silk ribbon (2mm) and made a seat cover for a footstool

and another cover for a button footstool

Sunday, February 26, 2012

WORK IN PROGRESS: Vera Rug, 1/12th scale

I worked a little bit on my rug that is named after my Mom, "Vera" that means "Faith" in English, and measures 5" x 8" and is working on 49 count silk gauze.
The design of this rug is very, I mean it, very detailed, and I am having really hard time to keep up with it. I worked with white color thread and finished background in left upper corner.
I will be so happy when I finish it...

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Silk Ribbon Romance. Part 4.

More wall pictures in 1/12th scale and again in silk ribbon. I decided to add a butterfly this time.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Royal Treasure Box

I keep experimenting with silk ribbon in 1/12th scale and today I started a new project - another wall picture with flowers and a butterfly. Today I want to show you what I've been working on recently. It is not a miniature, it is a gift for my little daughter. She will be 6 on the 3rd of March and I want her to have this Treasure/Jewelry Box that I embroidered for her. The top was done in Goldwork. At the bottom of it I wrote in Russian "Maмa", but I am sure whatever language you speak, you understand it, true?
I hope you wouldn't mind tons of images of the process. I just wanted to share my excitement with you, and don't be too strict to me - this is my first time working with Gold Metallic threads. This is how the project looked like when I started.
First, I cut out the felt and gold fabric shapes for the flower and the bud, then placed the felt pieces on each design shape and couched all around the edges. After that I placed the gold fabric over the felt and couched all around the edges as well.
The cup of the flower and 3 small teadrop shapes above the Iris petals are outlined with back stitches and satin stitch
and 3 mm gold beads are added in each teadrop.
After that I worked on the Centre of Iris Flower. I couched stretched Gold Pearl Sadi with 1 strand of Gold Handsew thread. In the middle I stitched a 3 mm gold bead in the centre and 4 Bronze Iris Miyauki square beads around this. In between them I added Fushia Delica beads.
The Cup of Flower is done with Gold Rajcord in trellis stitched over the purple satin stitch. The cup is outlined with stretched Gold Pearl Sadi, couched with Gold Handsew thread.
Iris petals are outlined with stretched Gold Pearl Sadi
The Bud is outlined with stretched Gold Pearl Sadi with 1 strand of Gold handsew thread and purple Delica and fushia beads are added to the bud and petals.
Then I made a little break and finished the whole project yesterday couching trailing vine, curved leaves and Iris stem.
After that I finished the top, attached it to the Treasure Box (size 7 x 4 x 2.75")
... and it is ready
Now Nataly will keep all her jewelry in this Royal Treasure Box, designed by Irene Junkuhn, stitched by me.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Silk Ribbon Romance. Part 3.

I am in silk ribbon right now, can't you tell? Today I finished a new wall picture and it is my design. I've been in that kind of color mood all day today.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Silk Ribbon Romance. Part 2.

This is another design of mine worked with silk ribbon 2 mm wide, decorated with french knots and green and yellow beads 22 size.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Silk Ribbon Romance. Part 1.

I wanted to play with silk ribbon in 1/12th scale for a long time. Here comes my first project: wall picture that depicts a bouquet of flowers made with silk ribbon 2mm wide, decorated with 3 yellow beads 22 size.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Stitchery-Witchery Project

Last Saturday I got my late Christmas gift from one of the members of our local dollhouse club. This is a shelf with some witchery stuff for my Stitchery-Witchery project.
In my opinion, it looks great, isn't it? There are 3 shelves. On the top a little mouse is sitting. I tried to make a close-up pictures of the mouse but it didn't work for me at all.

Anyway, for my Stitchery-Witchery project I will add more details later and I want to add a little bit of aging to the shelf itself.

I also finished braiding a rug today for the same project. The most annoying and boring part of making a braided rug for me is braiding itself and fun part is to make the rug. The colors that I picked up were bright and variegated,

but mixed together they gave me exactly that look that I've been looking for this project
The furniture has been done by me. The cupboard was put together from the McQueenie's kit and crackled. If you noticed there is a little gap between the back and the right side of the self. It has been done in purpose. You will see later why.

I cut the pieces of the rocking chair on scroll saw and aged it after putting it together.
I am still collecting the accessories for my Stitchery-Witchery project. I need to make a witch, Vanessa, but I am not good at making dolls. Anyway, I will try.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Embroidered Dolls

This week Nataly (my daughter) and I visited local bookstore. One of our findings was a book "Embroidered Dolls Collection" by Joan Watters. This is her new book on embroidered half doll pincushions.

There are 13 projects in the book with detailed instructions and patterns.
Just look at the pictures from this book. Don't you want to make one for yourself?

Miss Daisy Blue

Miss Tiffany

Miss hazel Violet

Lady Ainsley

Lady Darna

I do! That's why I started searching the Internet where I could possibly buy these half dolls.
I found this unique on-line store "Little People in Porcelain" that is owned by Robin and Fred Reed and located in Australia and their website is

They sent me the Catalog of the half dolls they have and I must tell you they have a pretty nice variety of dolls any sizes for affordable prices. I haven't ordered them yet, still trying to make my decision (tooooo much variety!)

More than that, even though I like the book a lot, I would like to use it only as inspiration and come up with my own dress for a doll. It will be a fun and challenging project!

Monday, February 13, 2012

New on My Etsy Store

I've been asked if I sell the firescreens or needlepoint frames, or the kits to make them. I do. I listed McQueenie Dollhouse Miniature kits in 1/12th scale to make firescreens, pole screens, needlepoint frames, button footstools, cabriole and turned leg footstools on my Etsy store. You can use this link to see them,

or you can click my Etsy store on the right hand side bar on my blog.

I hope it helps for those who looks for something different.

Have a great start for a new week!


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