Tuesday, July 31, 2012

32nd Annual Miniature and Doll Show and Sale in Colorado

Today I got the mail from Marilyn Davies saying that I've been accepted as a dealer in 32nd Annual Miniature and Doll Show and Sale "Mini" Tales of Travel to be held September 5-9, 2012. I am very excited. I've been highly advised to attend this show because of its friendly warm atmosphere and a lot of fun.

Here you can find the information about the show on their website: http://dmmdt.org/ - Denver Museum of Miniatures, Dolls and Toys.

Since we haven't had our summer vacation yet we are planning to spend more time in Denver, Co. It will be great if you have any places of interest to advise to visit. Neither my DH nor me have ever been in Colorado.

There is no doubt we will visit Denver Museum of Miniatures, Dolls and Toys

If you are planning to attend the "Mini" Tales of Travel show in Colorado, please, stop by my booth to say Hi.

Hope to see you there,


Monday, July 30, 2012

Antique Kazak Rug - Week 4 and Crazy Quilt

I am working on the borders right now and want to finish them before to jump on the other element of the rug.

Yesterday I showed you my first block in Crazy quilt. Today in the morning I added a couple of more details to it and now it has this look. I like the colors a lot but was not really satisfied with the lines and way I pieced it. The block measures 12" square.

So I decided to make fast another block and picked up the colors I didn't care about. My main goal was to concentrate on the principle of piecing around a 5-sides block. Do you see the difference? I don't like the color combination in this block but pretty much satisfied with the way it has been pieced. This block measures 7" square.

Sop, now I have 2 block to work with and we will see how it will work out.

And last but not least, if you interested in the Historic Clothing, The Colonial Wiliamsburg has on-line exhibition that you don't want to miss. Even if you are not interested in the Historic Clothing, I think it is worth to look at it anyway and explore antique clothing and accessories from 1600-1860 in this new online exhibit..


Have a great start for a new coming week!


Sunday, July 29, 2012

Green Aubusson on Printed Canvas - Week 4 and OT

Here is my slow process on Green Aubusson.

I miss real size needlework a lot. Being busy with the commissions, preparations for the shows I didn't have any time for my own projects. I always wanted to try Crazy Quilt. I signed up for the on-line Sharon's class "Encrusted Crazy Quilting" that started on the 26th of July. I looked through my stash of fabric and found pieces that I wanted to put together in one block. Among them there was a table runner with nice texture, I cut a piece from it.

Here is how my first block ever looks like. It is 12" square and there are 12 pieces of fabric.

Last but not least I've managed to re-upholster the dinning chairs (real size, not miniatures) today. I like to make changes and arrangements in the house. This is the perfect time of the year to do it and make it another comfortable way to enjoy long winter.

This is how it looked before

This is how they look now. I like this way better.

This picture shows 4 but there are 6 of them:

By the way, do you like the rug an on the background. I am thinking about charting the design for 1/12th scale. I am sure it will be a beautiful rug for a dollhouse.

In between I tried to work on Vanessa's new shoes. It is a long long process, so to be continued....

Enjoy your weekend!


Saturday, July 28, 2012

My Doll and Her Heels

Here I am back with my doll. Ha-ha-ha! I found the solution for her heels.

I almost gave up on her and almost sent her to the UFO box. It was one of those pains on my neck when I actually couldn't sleep, or at least I went to the bed with only one thought: what to do to get rid of her heels.

As I told already, the idea to replace the feet didn't work for me. I didn't want to paint the feet either, and the thought to glue the fabric/leather on her legs was like a nightmare for me.

If you do something, do it correctly, true?

I wanted to make real shoes for her that she could take off and back on if needed.

I tried to sand the heels of with a sandpaper. HA-HA-HA! Naive me.

I tried to scroll saw them away - broke a blade! Only that black line appeared on the foot.

I must tell you: DON'T GIVE UP! If you can't think about anything, remember, you have friends with tons of ideas and advises.

My Russian friend Victoria (http://inchscaled.com) offered to try a mini rotary tool. I did and it worked. SO EASY! Одна голова - хорошо, а две лучше! It took me probably about 10 minutes per each foot to get rid off those heels that have been on my way! Vika, thank you very much!

I was very careful trying not to brake the feet. As soon as I saw a little hole that Casey (http://caseymini.blogspot.com) warned me about, I stopped digging it.

Even at her age it is possible to have sexy legs

Now I can make shoes and slippers just for her feet!

Happy Natalia

Friday, July 27, 2012

New on My Etsy Store: Pillow Fight

I listed a couple of pillows in 1/12th scale on my Etsy. They were stitched on canvas. The stitching has been done for the both sides of each pillow. Please, find my store on the right hand side bar and go have a look. Each pillow measures 1" or 2,5 cm.

and more, and more, and more...

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Dollhouse Miniature Area Rug "KUBA"

This beautiful dollhouse miniature area rug Kuba was stitched by Ginger in Pennsylvania. The design was adapted from the antique rug Kuba, 18 century and charted by me.

The pattern of this rug is available for sale.

40 count: 244 x 396 stitches

6.10" x 9.90"

15.49 x 25.15 cm

The price for a pattern is $35.00

The price for a kit is $55.00. The kit contains: silk gauze, a needle, a chat, easy to follow instructions, thread sufficient to complete the rug.

49 count: x stitches

7 1/4" x 12"

The price for a pattern is $35.00

The price for a kit is $75.00. The kit contains: silk gauze, a needle, a chat, easy to follow instructions, thread sufficient to complete the rug.

Please, contact me privately, if you are interested.


Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Pillow with a Rooster

The pillow with a rooster is almost completed. I finished the background, now need to think about the border. I am in the rooster's mood, can't you tell?

Tuesday, July 24, 2012


I am sure you remember this rug and probably wondering what happened to it. It took me a couple of month to feel and figure out what color of the background to pick up for it. I came up with a light blue color. What do you think?

Still a lot of work to do and clean up a lot of mess...


Monday, July 23, 2012

Antique Kazak Rug - Week 3

It has been a long week. Here is update on my new miniature Kazak rug - a reproduction of an antique rug in 1/12th scale, 18 century.

I know, not to much of the progress. I am trying, lol...


Sunday, July 22, 2012

Have a Question...

Do you remember I told you that I purchased an undressed doll - a lady in her age - at the show in Montana?

So, today I wanted to work on her and this lady comes with heels.

I wanted to make my own shoes for her and stumbled upon the question how to get rid off those heels. I tried to sand them out with an electrical sander but surprisingly for me it didn't work out.

Any advises on how to get rid of the heels will be highly appreciated. I hate to see her feet to be painted. I want to make the shoes that I can take off her tired feet and put slippers on!!! Folks, ideas please...

Natalia, helpless in Seattle, or close to it...

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Green Aubusson on Printed Canvas - Week 3

Today is time to show the update on Green Aubusson. I started working on the background and picked up this shadow of green color.

Haven't done too much and a reason is that last Saturday the temperature finally dropped down to 77 F and we decided to have a mini vacation - to spend some time in Idaho hiking, fishing, riding bikes. We were advised to go to Steven's Lake.

When we arrived to Wallace, ID - the closest town to that lake - it appeared that nobody ever heard about the Steven's Lake and nobody could advise us where to start looking for it. The magical Internet advised us to go to Mullan, ID that is 5-7 minutes from Wallace by a car. Little dying town Mullan looked pretty fricky and scary with only one motel with broken windows and ripped wallpaper that you can see through the open front door, and a gas station out of business. There was nobody to ask about the Steven's Lake. So, we turned around and went back to the hotel in Wallace.

Later we knew that Wallace, Idaho is considered to be the Silver Capital of the world, Center of the Universe

and the entire city is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Couldn't resist not to take a picture of a piking abandoned bus close to the local old cemetery. It reminded me a scene with an abandoned car that SANS!!!inator made recently with her helper Nat.

Since we couldn't find the Steven's Lake, on the way back we stopped at the beautiful Rose Lake

and my boys caught some catfish - yummy!!!

After that we took an exit to check out the Couer-d-Allene lake and went for a little hiking on the Beautiful Bay with scenic view. This is only small part of that amazingly huge lake.

Next day evening we came back home and the city met us with a thunderstorm, lightnings and rain. The sunset was beautiful, unfortunately my camera didn't capture all incredible colors we saw that night in the sky.

The rest of the week I spent in the bed trying to get rid off cold and temperature that I got after our little vacation.

Now, back to stitching - still a lot of work!

How was your week?


Monday, July 16, 2012

Antique Kazak Rug - Week 2

Today is the day to show the progress on Dollhouse Miniature Kazak rug - a reproduction of an antique Caucasian rug in 1/12th scale. The size of the rug will be more than 6" x 8".

I can picture the design and all overdyed colors in my head and I LOVE IT!

Have a nice week,


Sunday, July 15, 2012

Green Aubusson Rug on Printed canvas - Progress 2

It is still hot here - 100F. Last night a little line of lightnings was teasing us promising a good rain but, alas, we are still hiding inside the house.

Today I wanted to show a little progress on a dollhouse miniature Green Aubusson rug that I started last week.

Not much has been done, but I am satisfied with this little progress taking to the consideration that I've been working on other 100's UFO.

Enjoy your weekend!



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