Thursday, December 13, 2012

Blue Aubusson Rug in Progress. Day 6 and 7.

Last 2 days I had some time to work on the Dollhouse Miniature Blue Aubusson Rug, 1/12th scale. I stitch it on 35 count silk gauze (honestly, can't wait to finish it, it is so painful for me to stitch on 35 count with 2 strands of DMC, :((((. Hopefully, if I have more free time, I will finish it this week, or next...

Have a great day!


Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Needletherapy in Miniature. Part 3.1. Silk gauze


Part 3.1. Silk Gauze

Today we will talk about silk gauze and how to prepare it for the work.

Silk gauze is sold as cut pieces of different sizes or as framed pieces.

It is very comfortable to use framed silk gauze, especially if you work on a small project like a pillow, or a Christmas stocking, or a purse, etc… After you are done stitching, the same frame can be used up to 4-5 times. We will talk about how to mount your silk gauze on the frame later.

Today I will show you how to prepare unframed pieces of silk gauze for stitching.

First of all, you have to decide what size of silk gauze you need for your project. Then, you need to add at least ½” to all 4 sides of your piece of silk gauze. For instance, if you stitch a rug finished size of which is 5” x 7”, you need to cut a piece of silk gauze 5 ½” x 7 ½”. Many sources recommend to add 1” to each side. You can add 1” to each side, if it makes you feel more comfortable.

I will show you the method that I use. This method is fast and for those who is as lazy as I am. Дешево и сердито, ))

Take a piece of fabric of the size bigger than the frame you are planning to use (the size of the frame also depends on the size of your project).

Find the center on the piece of fabric and the piece of silk gauze. Connect them together by sawing. I find using the sewing machine is more helpful.

This is the front side.

This is the back side and this is the side we are going to work with.

Do a little cut on fabric with your sharp scissors, but be careful not to cut through the silk gauze.

Then cut out the piece of fabric leaving approximately ½” of fabric from the edges.

After you are done, make little cuts on each corner leaving some fabric to protect the corners.

Turn it and attach to the fabric using your sewing machine.

This is how it looks like now.

Frame it.

Now you can trim the edges of the fabric.

If you don’t like this way of preparing your silk gauze, here is another one, similar to the first.

Find a piece of fabric and cut 4 even stripes of the size that after being attached to the piece of silk gauze, it will fit your frame.

I won’t describe this method, just look at the pictures, please.

Advice: never frame a piece of silk gauze itself! First of all it is wasting of silk gauze. Second reason - distortion will occur.

to be continued...

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Wonderful Day of Surprises!

Today is only the 5th of December and I've already started getting the Christmas presents from the friends all over the world and from my family. It truly brings me in Christmas spirit.

First the mail man brought me a Christmas present from an artist Annilee Taylor, Soft Sculpture Dolls, Miniature Dolls and Baskets. I got these wonderfully, very detailed and Merry Merry Christmas apron, 2 potholders, tiny adorable kitchen towel, and Poinsettia in the pot!

Aren't they just amazing?

They will be a perfect addition to my Christmas roombox!

Thank you, Annilee, very much! I will treasure your Christmas gifts forever!

Next Christmas present came from Carmen, from Christmas swap, organized by Caterina. Unfortunately, I don't want to be a naughty girl this year (as it happened to me a year ago) and according to the rules of the Caterina's Christmas swap, I can't show the pictures of Carmen's Christmas gifts. Sorry! I've been naughty enough already opening them before Christmas, but you know... it is seducing...

Thank you, Carmen, a lot for your gifts. I will show them later.

My DH, Honey Bunny decided to add more excitement today and gave me as a gift 2 huge cactuses. I am an avid cactus collector and have some samples at home. He ordered 2 cactuses from Arizona, they came today as well, and since they have to be taken care of, and my DH has no idea how to snuggle with the cactus without hurting them, :)))), so, we opened the box.

The first cactus is Notocactus Leninghausii. The pictures don't show the exact size, but this cactus stands about 16".

Second cactus, my favorite, is Trihocereus Candicans, stands about 18" ad also has babies on the sides. Actually, it won't be correct to say "stands" because this cactus doesn't grow straight.

My third big cactus was given me by my son last year, but I decided to show you as well, diameter is about 12"

The rest of my cactus I have are smaller sizes but I love them too. They warm up my heart especially when they are in blossom. It is such a miracle to see them in colors! One day I will make a special post about them, but today... more gift that I made to myself and also got today. I stopped working on my other project "Conversation with God" that is devoted to my grandma, because I stumbled upon the electricity and lamps. A couple of days ago I finally found one that is closer and similar to the lamp I've been looking for and resembles me a little bit the lamp that my grandma had in her room. This is an electrified ceiling lamp by Bodo Henning with lovely red flowers around

Oh, it fits grandma's room sooo perfect and makes me unbelievably happy! Now I can continue working on the roombox!

What you think I will leave you now? Nope!

I got another box from he UK with the 50 spools of superfine Pearsalls silk with different shadows

WOW! The excitement of trying them gives me chill!

And just to finish this day, I got a piece of 112 count silk gauze that I exchange with Elga (I sent her a piece of 72 count silk gauze). Now I have a piece to try my new superfine Pearsalls silk. I made a picture of this piece, tried to be as close as possible to give you the impression of 112 count. Don't forget to click on the image to share my excitement of the size of those holes with me! He-he-he!

Good news: yes! I can see the holes! The question is: can I stitch on it? Time for the experiment. Wish me good luck!

Busy in Spokane,


Tuesday, December 4, 2012

New Designs For Dollhouse Miniature Pillows, 1/12th scale

Today I would like to show you my new designs for dollhouse miniature pillows in 1/12th scale. Actually, these designs can be used for pole screens, firescreens and tea cozies, for wall hangings, or even seat covers for chairs, etc...

First one is called "FANCY PENSIES". It is stitched on 49 count silk gauze with Guterman silk and measures 1" square.

Another design is called "VICTORIAN ROSES" and is also stitched on 49 count silk gauze with Gutermann silk, measures 1" square.

The patterns for these pillows are available for sale and you can find them on my Etsy store (right-hand side bar)

I hope you like them!


Monday, December 3, 2012

Sunday is over...

What a wonderful day we had today! We decorated the house for the coming Christmas. Each year we buy a real Christmas tree and this year was not an exception. In spite of the fact that my dear husband and I agreed not to work (we have a family-based business and work all days long, :)))) and spend more quality time with the kids during the weekends, I couldn't help myself not to put together another wonderful kit from McQueenie Dollhouse Miniatures for my roombox "Edwardian Elegance". Thanks to Lynne and Bernard, the owners of McQueenie Miniatures, their kits are fast and easy to assemble.

Now I will wait till the plant stand and this revolving stand will dry. I still haven't decided yet what I am going to do with the roombox, will I leave it the way it is now or enlarge it. I will think about it tomorrow, don't want to do it now.

And last but not least, I also managed to stitch a real size project "Angel of Dreams" for my daughter's birthday in March 2013. I started working on it on the 30th of November and each day I try to devote at least 1 hour to it. Here is a result of my 3 hours and 30 minutes of cross stitching:

Not too impressive for almost 3 hours, hmmm...

Welcome to a new week! Have a great and creative Monday!


Sunday, December 2, 2012

Dollhouse Blue Aubusson Rug - Day 6

Today I've had an opportunity to pick up my Blue Aubusson Rug and work on it. Even though it has been more than a week I worked on it, it is the 6th day of actual stitching.

I finished stitching the outer border and as you can see not much left!

I am using 35 count silk gauze and DMC + Gutermann silk for this project.

I also put together a plant stand using McQueenie Dollhouse Miniature kit made from cherry, finished it with Lemon oil

and it is ready to be displayed with this simple plant in a simple pot (the tutorial for which you can find here )
in my roombox "Edwardian Elegance", just need to finish working on the roombox.

Last but not least, I would like to introduce you my new blog about New Me.

Today I started 2 New Challenges: Squats and Push-Ups Training Programs.

Do you dare to join me?

Enjoy your Sunday!


Friday, November 30, 2012

Compound Scroll Sawing in Miniature, 1/12th scale

Today it was a very busy day for me. It felt like Monday: running, rushing, trying to accomplish everything - tomorrow I want to spend some quality time with my kids.

Back in July I made a post about using my Delta Scroll Saw for compound scroll sawing in 1/12th scale.

Some of you adviced to finish my minis painting them different colors, some wanted to see them naturally finished.

I went natural way!

May be next time when I make more of them I will paint some.

Today I worked on this bird on the stand. It was made from cherry wood and finished naturally, assembled today. The height of it is about 1 1/2".

and with a penny for a comparison

All figurines are together to remind you what I am talking about

Dolphin figurines


and, finally, all of them are in a miniature setting:

I wish you to have a blessed weekened!

Oh, by the way, with the 1st of December!



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