Saturday, January 31, 2015

Quarter Connection Convention 2015

I am expending my interests not only in needlework but in miniature's world too and slowly approaching to smaller scales. I found out that my point of interest is moving mostly towards 1/4th scale. I purchased a 1/4 dollhouse kit sometime last year but barely started it. A reason is that my craft room is still under construction and I am limited in space of creating, but it is a different story for another post.

Today I wanted to ask you if you've signed up for the Quarter Connection Convention yet? It will be held June 20-27, 2015 and today is the last day to join the list!

A lot of fun and activities is promised: roundtables, door prizes, workshops, swaps, etc...

It will be my first Quarter Connection Convention I am participating in and am looking forward to it. I've finished a couple of petit point rugs in 1/4th scale already, but again, next time about it.

design by SharonG

Here is a link for registration:

See you there!


Friday, January 30, 2015

1/144 scale Dollhouse from Anita Lahue

Last year I was honored to meet a very talented, generous and just a nice lady - Anita Lahue. Anita leaves in Utah, but she came to visit her daughter Annie Pierce. They both are the IGMA's Artisans. Anita is a founder of a MicroMinis Yahoo group and devoted almost all her life to creating dolls and miniatures in 1/144 scale.

Anita presented me a gift - this adorable little house in 1/44 scale that she finished and remodeled in 1998.

Looking at this house you will never say it was made 7 years ago - everything is so neat, clean and stable. The level of mastership is indescribable. The roof feels so realistic!

Along with the house Anita shared the last pieces of furniture in 1/144 scale she designed and put together. However, I haven't placed them inside the rooms yet and will make an additional post when the house is completed. For now you can see it has 4 rooms.

Of course, each of my both girls wanted to have the house. Can you blame them?

I can't take Heart and Soul seriously yet. She is still some where flying and dreaming. Look, she almost dropped the house!

I have hard time to decide if I want to share it with them, at least till they have a place to keep it, for example their own house or at least a roombox! They can dream, true? I mean about having their own house. Can you imagine that size!

I found a solution for now and took a picture of both girls and the mini mansion.

Next time I will show this house in 1/144 scale completely furnished.

Talk to you later!
Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Heart and Soul Ellowyne Wild Imagination Doll Has Arrived! - Welcome Home!

Today I would like to present you my new passion - Mr. Tonner's Ellowyne Wild Imagination doll.

Heart and Soul finally has arrived. She is 16" and LE500. I am in a rush to share the pictures of this gorgeous doll.

To belong to someone HEART & SOUL
is not my cup of tea

Perhaps I'll give my heart one day
But not now - I need to be free

Rufus is so sweet and nice
But I'm not sure we're more than friends

But if he keeps looking at me that way
*Sigh* - My confusion never ends!

The doll is dressed in mellow pink frock of dainty lace and satin,

pink lace tights and pink heeled oxfords. Just the process of tightening these little shoe laces makes your heart race, :)))

She has a shimmering bracelet on her wrist. Her ears are pricked but no earrings came along.

I love her rooted curly red hair. It was one of the main reasons I wanted this particular doll. I haven't brushed hair yet, just straightened the curls.

Isn't she phenomenal?

Her gleaming light blue inset eyes make you wondering what she is dreaming about. Is there love in the air?

I added two more pictures of Heart and Soul and Shall I Dance? together for a comparison.

What do you think?

Friday, January 23, 2015

Dollhouse Area Rug BALIKESIR - Petit Point Pattern

This week new design is a Dollhouse Miniature Petit Point pattern for an are rug BALIKESIR. This is a reproduction of an antique rug, 19th century., modified.

The rug displays a different stylization of the fight between the dragon and the phoenix. This is a symbolic representation of spring when the earth meets heaven and the God unite with mother goddess to produce fertile spring rains.

The pattern was recreated and modified from a survived piece of an actual rug, depicted on this image:

194 x 361 stitches, 8 colors

22 canvas - 8.82" x 16.41" (22,40 x 41,68 cm)

40 count silk gauze - 4.85" x 9.03" (12,32 x22,92 cm)

The pattern is charted for stitching with DMC. However, I would advise to stitch with Gloriana silk, or another over dyed silk of your choice to give a rug that antique worn look.

Friday, January 9, 2015

Dollhouse Area Rug BATI ANADOLU - Petit Point Pattern

Today I would like to present you a new dollhouse miniature petit point pattern for an area rug - Bati Anadolu. This is a reproduction of an antique Turkish rug, 15th century.

This design can make a beautiful pillow in real size if stitched on 22 canvas.

The dragon motifs, that you can see in the field of the rug, were originated in the Far East. They represent a mythological creature believed to be the master of air and water. It is also the guard of the tree of life.

The pattern was recreated from a survived piece of an actual rug, depicted on this image:

321 x 297 stitches, 12 colors

22 canvas - 14.59" x 13.50" (37,06 x 34,29 cm)

40 count silk gauze - 8.03" x 7.42" (20,38 x 18,86 cm)

50 count silk gauze - 6.42" x 5.94" (16,31 x 15,09 cm)

There are also other patterns available based on that design:

Bati Runner:

Bati Staircase Runner

Bati Pillows.

The pattern is charted for stitching with DMC. However, I would advise to stitch with Gloriana silk, or another over dyed silk of your choice to give a rug that antique worn look.


Friday, January 2, 2015

Introducing My New Blogs...

Happy New Year, world! Big thanks to all who send warm congratulations and wishes for the New 2015 year!

I've been waiting for the new 2015 year to come as never. After a long silence caused by some health problems I am back with more energy and new plans.

This year I would like to concentrate more on some other passions of mine that are not related to miniature world. One of them is my growing interest in different types of Needlework Art and another, hiking. This being said, I opened 2 more blogs that will help me in separating and organizing my interests. I will still contribute some time to this blog, because my love to needlework in miniature is unconditional, and I still have many stories to tell, and many projects to finish.

My first blog is devoted to real size needlework and is called THREAD OBSESSION, I was so good last year that Santa treated me with a nice stash of new threads I am eager to try.

My second blog is devoted to hiking and is called OUR TRAIL TO COMPLETION,
My husband and I just discovered a book "America's Great Hiking Trails" by Karen Berger that describes 11 America's best hiking trails and gave us a start to a new big dream - to complete a hike that takes more than one day, or 3 days, or 7, or even 4 months...

The longest, North Country Trail, is approximately 4,600 miles. The longest hike that we accomplished was only 20 miles. However, it is on our bucket list!




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