Monday, June 16, 2014

Dollhouse Miniature Reproduction of an Antique Kazak Rug in 1/12th scale - Update

Today I want to show you the updates on 2 rugs that I am currently working on.

The first is a dollhouse miniature Kazak rug in 1/12th scale, 49 count. I finally finished last inner border. There are total of 8 borders in this rug.

When I started charting Kazak rug I planned to make the rug that it would be all about the borders: bright colors and simplicity in geometric design, this is what impresses me in Kazak rugs. I wanted to finish the field of the rug with 1 over dyed color, for instance, light green. However, now, I am thinking about to come up with design for the field, because it seems to be waist of time just to sit and monotonously fill the are up. What do you think?

Second rug the update on which I wanted to show is French Savonnerie. The medallion is in the process.

Now, back to work!

I hope, everyone has had a wonderful weekend and ready for a new week! Good luck!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Barbara's Dollhouse

I received a message from my customer Barbara who purchased a needlepoint frame by McQueenie Miniatures Lynne McQueenie from my webstore. She finished stitching Popcorn Tedy Bear for her just finished dollhouse and sent 2 pictures to me.

As Barbara says, the needlework stand will go to the Craft room. Isn't Teddy Bear adorable? She has been stitching for 36 years and wanted to have a needlework frame with her stitching into. "Popcorn the Bear" has been done on 24 count Congress cloth. As Barbara says, she plans to make more cross stitch pictures and hang them on the walls of her dollhouse.

Barbara got this dollhouse for Christmas. It has three rooms, they are not completely finished yet. That's why there is a picture only of the front side of the house.

However, the first floor is a living room and kitchen, and the second floor is her hobby room. She worked on her dollhouse for 5 months. When the house is completed Barbara will send more pictures for us to enjoy them.

Thank you, Barbara. Your house is adorable. The outside arrangements add more life to it. Looking forward to see more of your cross stitched miniature pictures.



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