Monday, September 30, 2013

Дворянское Гнездо - Day 1

Last weekend I examined the house that I recently purchased from Craigslist. As you know Vanessa expropriated that house for her little simple needs and is ready for the renovations.

Many many years ago I came up with a thought that it is always easy to start the project from the beginning then to re-do something that has been already started by somebody. However, the fact that I didn't put any labor in building this house and a nice thought it cost me only $30 gives me a crazy idea to do whatever I want with it, any experiment and without any regrets.

After close look I found out that I am not impressed with the floor on the first level and I can't do anything about it - it is heavily covered with Shellak. If I try to remove the floor completely I, probably, will destroy the house.

These 2 stairs that came along with the house take a lot of space. Thanks heavens they are not attached, just like the walls on both levels. I love space and it gives me a chance to play with it.

I never liked these kind of bay windows. I have them in my real house and they irritate the heck out of me, I feel like I am in prison. I might want to do something with them (both, in mini and real size too, :)))

These windows should go away.

On a bright side, not everything is so negative! I am in love with the color of the shingles - light gold, the pictures don't give justice! But guess what, I will change it too.

The house is already electrified, I just need to add more tape in some rooms. The floor on the second level is not finished. I love hard wood!

I still love this house and want to turn it into the place where Vanessa can spend the rest of her life sharing her memories with us.

will be continued...


Friday, September 27, 2013

Vanessa Bought an Estate - Дворянское Гнездо

I picked up this dollhouse from for only thirty dollars. It's not that I don't have enough projects to work on but how could I resist? Would you?

More than that Vanessa's room box is too small for her. We will consider she bought an estate that requires a lot of work. She is happy!

I believe this house is called Southern Colonial?

Happy mining!


Thursday, September 26, 2013

Night Light for my Little Princess

Tonight my 7 year old daughter Nataly and I are having Proper Ladies's Tea Party. It is our new game we invented in our busy life to hang out and having Mom-Daughter time (by the way, boys are not allowed). There are a couple of rules, for instance, cookies, cupcakes or whatever we are serving for a Tea party should be handmade. The same rule applies to the gifts we are going to exchange. I know that she has been working on something but I am patient enough to wait till tonight.

As for me, I worked on a little surprise for her while she was at the school this week. I made a nightlight from the kit that Victoria Lane offers. I've been impressed and fascinated by Egg Art for a long time and finally I found time to put my hands on it and started with the kit.

The base of this doll is is an emu egg that has been cut and glittered by Victoria Lane. I dressed the doll and egg with beautiful fabric and trimmed it, wigged the doll and decorated her hair.

I put some pink feather inside the egg. In one hand the Lady holds a bouquet of flowers and there is a little Koala (I LOVE KOALAS) Fairy on her other hand (koala bear fairy is made by a miniature artist Cheryl Brown and not included in the kit).

After that I put the doll on the Turntable light and I think it looks magnificent.

Do you think Nataly will like it?

Have a great weekend!


P.S.: I think I will add a Koala Bear Fairy Land scene inside the egg later...

Monday, September 16, 2013

Weaving in Miniature

My experiments with weaving are continuing. Without practicing in real size I jumped to fine weaving right the way. What to wait for, true?

Last weekend I was "sampling" different weaving designs in miniature. Since they are still on the loom and rolling over, I can't show them yet, but be patient! I tried so far different ways of twills, stripes, Monk's belt, overshot, lace. I played with different colors as well as with different threads (linen, cotton, silk) trying to figure out what is more suitable. I think this one will make a pretty nice upholstery for chairs and couches and it reminds me Bargello in needlepoint. I wonder how it will look like if I use different shadows of the same color?

I love it! I love it! I love it!

What do you think?

Happy mining,

Friday, September 13, 2013

My new toy - Weaving Loom

I can't recall where my interest to weaving started growing up, but I've been collecting and reading information on it for 2 last years. Finally I decided to make up a step forward and purchased this 4-harness loom last July. I promised myself it would be my last expensive toy I bought!

This scarf was finished with 2 cheap and thick wool yarns of contrast colors with a purpose to practice. It consists of 15 samples of different designs and took me 2 days to finish it. AS you can see somewhere below the middle of the scarf there is a change in the width. I left it in purpose to see how each pattern is effected after washing the finished scarf and what is the percentage of shrinkage.

So, for now this scarf-sample serves as an example and memory of my first weaving experience,

and gave me a good start to move on my next project, and guess what it will be? You are absolutely correct, I want to try to weave something in miniature size! I know, it is a fast transition from real size to mini size, but believe me that was the whole purpose and I don't want to wait more.

I wish the best weekend to all of you!

Happy mining, stitching, polymer claying, building, doodling!


Thursday, September 12, 2013

Chair Seat Cover in French Style - New project

A couple days ago I started stitching a new project - chair seat cover based on my own design that I finished somewhere at the beginning of this year.

I am using 49 count silk gauze, DMC. The pattern will be available for sale after I am done experimenting with the colors.

Happy Weekend!


Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Dollhouse Transylvania Rug in 1/12 scale - Update

Another summer passed by. The days have become cooler and today early in the morning we even had frost on the ground. No more light clothes, swimming in the lake, less hiking... On a bright side, less bugs, less wild fires, more time for miniatures (kids are at the school!) and what excites me most - the Good Sam Show in San Jose, CA is approaching! But later about it...

Today I want to show you the update on OOAK dollhouse Transylvania rug that I finished a while ago but due to some circumstances have an opportunity to show you only now. The rug has been blocked and has fringes already but I want you to see this picture first

More about research on it, a picture of a completely completed rug, and answering all your questions will come later in a separate post,:)))...

How did you spend your summer?


Sunday, September 8, 2013


Hi everyone!

I would like to offer a Fall Silk Gauze Bargain SALE! It is time to stash silk gauze for long winter nights! LOW PRICES EVER!

Framed silk gauze, 40 count, 2” x 2” - $6/each - 12 available
Framed silk gauze, 49 count 2” 2” - $6/each - 9 available
Framed silk gauze, 40 count 4” x 4” - $8/each - 1 available
Framed silk gauze, 35 count 5” x 7” - $10/each - 4 available

35 count 3,5” x 12” - $8.00

40 count 3,5” x 36” - $12.00
40 count 3 ¼” x 12” - $8.00
40 count 5” x 3” - $5.00
40 count 2,5” x 9” - $6.00
40 count 4” x 7” - $6.00
40 count 12” x 12” - $15.00

49 count 3,5” x 36” - $12.00
49 count 3” x 36” - $11.00
49 count 2,5” x 18,5” - $10.00
49 count 5” x 12 ¼” - $12.00
49 count 8” x 6 ¼” - $8.00

60 count 3 ¼” x 36” - $12.00
60 count 4” x 6” - $6.00
60 count 3” x 18” - $10.00

72 count 12” x 12” - $15.00

84 count 1 ¼” x 10” - $8.00
84 count 4” 6” - $6.00

90 count 8 ¾” x 7” - $9.00
90 count 3” x 5 ½” - $6.00

+ $1.99 for domestic shipping
International shipping charges will be calculated depending on the location.

Please, contact me personally at

Thank you,


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