New Designs 2017

I shall open this new 2017 year with a pattern that has been charted in 2013, but forgotten. This is a reproduction of an antique Konya Prayer rug and is adviced to be stoitched on 40 count silk gauze with over dyed cotton or silk floss. However, the pattern has been charted for use of DMC floss. Only reason is that computer programs do not offer to work with a big variety of floss that is on the market.

Petit Point Miniature KONYA PRAYER Rug
243 x 307 stitches
40 count silk gauze, DMC floss
6.08" x 7.67" (15,43 x 19,49 cm)

Here is an original rug for a color reference. Gorgeous, true?

I shall be happy to post the images of your finished rug on my website, just contact me!


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